Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

[Valentine's Day]
I went with Kelley to get our nails done by Mari on Thursday 2/12 @ 8pm. I wanted to get a V-Day theme so I picked red for the base with gradation, white lace, polka dots, and pink bows. I paid $65 w/out tip. Pretty cheap. Posted this pic on my poupeegirl

[Sean's V-day Gift]
Materials: strawberries, white&milk chocolate, macadamia nuts, red bow, heart plate, wrapping, and ribbon
Money spent: $29
Baking: 2 hours

[V-day Dinner]
A week before Valentine's Day, we tried calling several restaurants but they were all booked. Then Musha came to mind. At first they said they were all booked but if we came in at 6pm they could try to squeeze us in. We left the house at 5:15pm went to Mitsuwa to waste some time then waited in the car at Musha until it was close to 6pm. Other people started to show up so we went inside put our name and waited for about 5mins then got seated. We were very lucky to got seated because the people after us had to wait for an hour.

Grapefruit Juice & Oolong Green Tea

Gyu Hire Ponzu

Grilling Gyu Hire Ponzu

Baguette Gratin

Typoon Fried Rice

Ebi Mayo Mayo

Buta Kakuni

Musha Fried Chicken