Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mail from Beth

It's been a while since someone has written a letter to me. It feels nice opening a letter from a friend than a bill. I would like to exchange letters/gifts to other people from the world. It gives me a good reason to use my stationary.  

Beth's letter...
Love the Twin Stars stationary. She sent me a Hello Kitty keychain and notepad.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flower Fur Ball Phonestrap

I bought this from Dearie. She was at both Anime Expo and Tune in Tokyo events. Her accessories are so handmade and very cute. Her designs cater to lolita, decora and fairy kei.

Price: $8.00

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tune in Tokyo had their third annual seifuku event hosted at Royal T. They had two djs spinning various music from anime, jpop and kpop in the front and back of the shop. School uniforms were encouraged.

You had me at seifuku...

Maki and I dressed up but Sho was "too cool" to dress up. At the place, I ended up meeting my old co-worker randomly. He tagged along with us. We checked out the artwork and vendors. The vendors were selling many lolita items. I was hoping for more school related items. I bought a few ribbons and lucky grab bags before we ate dinner. The event's special food menu was sold out which was disappointing cause we arrived around 8:30 when the event started at 8pm. There was a lot of girls (not so much guys) dressed in uniform. I should have taken photos of them but I was busy eating and chatting with my friends.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Nisei Week

Yesterday I went to Nisei week's ending ceremony. It's not as spectacular as the grand opening that occurred last weekend. They still had food and entertainment but no parade just obon-odori. I went with my boyfriend and my friend Sarah. My friend Kevin was working at the raffle table so we met up and talked for a while. We checked out some clothing shops and food vendors. I forgot the name of a beauty store we went to but I managed to buy a few cheap masks from there. Sean got a men's facial wash and Sarah bought black head removal strips. At night we went to a bar and met up with Sarah's friends. I ordered a Lychee Breeze cocktail but waitress gave me a green apple martini. It didn't taste good. Sarah ordered Hennessy with pinapple juice. Sarah's friend, Jenn, ordered Thug Passion. I don't remember what was in it but I found it sweet tasting. Much better than my drink.

I didn't do anything fancy with my hair. I just curled my hair then made a side ponytail and added a flower pin.

My boyfriend's mother helped me put on my yukata. I was already breaking a sweat in the process of putting it on.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cardigan + Flower Dress

I was in the process of deleting old photos from my camera until I came upon these photos I took before my vegas trip. So before I post the new ones. I'm going to make a post about these items.

A couple days before I left for Vegas, I was window shopping at the mall. As I was on my out, I saw a sign that said sale on dresses $12.95. The store was Cotton One. Never really shopped here before so I went inside to check it out. Cotton On is an Australian brand. Their clothing ranges from very casual to casual chic depending on how you wear it.

The dress has a cute ruffle in chest area. It has sundress-like material. On the mannequin it had a matching cardigan. It wasn't on sale but I bought it anyway for $19.95.

This cardigan has so many buttons. It just takes a bit longer to button with my deco nails.

Pictures were taken before I dyed my hair.
I added a brown belt to the dress to add a slimmer look. 

It was dark outside so I changed the brightness setting to max brightness.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flower necklace

I bought a lot of floral items from my vegas trip so I'll be posting them the following week. I'll start off with this necklace that my cousin gave to me a while ago. The chain is very simple but I like how the flower stands out so much. 

Mitsuwa Summer Festival

Mitsuwa had their annual summer festival this pass weekend. I thought it wouldn't be crowded around 4pm but I was wrong. The lines for food and games were long. I went inside Mitsuwa to waste some waste. I checked out the bookstore than later did some grocery shopping. Finally the crowd died down around 4:30p. Outside had food vendors, manga for sale, toys for kids, karaoke and games for everyone to play. We went there for food but I was tempted to play golfish-fishing. It reminded me of my childhood memories.

Took some photos in the car