Friday, May 24, 2013

Coach glasses

Finally got a new pair of eyeglasses. I haven't had a new pair since 2007. They were discounted for $89.99 got the prescription at Costco. The type is Coach Nicole 792AF. I love the simple monotone design and the flower on the side adds a cute girly touch.

Here's the professional image of it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last week

Since the semester ended, I'm staying over my bf's place in Irvine for two weeks. During the school year, we only see each other during the weekends he comes back to Torrance to visit me and his parents. I love the winter and summer breaks where we can see each other more often.  Every time I'm here in Irvine, I just feel so relaxed. From 9a-6p, he's busy in the corporate world and here I am just chilling at his place. OMG I love getting 8hrs of sleep ^o^ That never happens during the school year. So this has been my routine since last week

8am: Wake up and prepare a light breakfast for bf. When I'm not around he skips out and I cannot allow it. hehe.
8:40am: Bf leaves for work. I go back to sleep
10am: Wake up again. Change into exercise clothes. Bf has a hiking/bicycle trail near his place. I walk or jog for about 5miles
12pm: Come back from jogging. Shower. Make lunch
12-6pm. Watch netflix shows/movies, clean house/do laundry, take a nap play games or blog.
6-7: BF comes back. 
7p-12am: We either go out walking on the trail, grocery shopping or go on a dinner date. 
1am: Sleep

repeat cycle 

Here's some pictures I took throughout the week

Natto pan for breakfast

Shady Canyon Trail
$1 Smores @ Black Market Bakery
#11 Special Combo @ Lee's Sandwiches
Original Umami Burger

Ellefar Double Item Compact C - Purple

So back in a december post, I bought some eyeshadow palettes from Daiso. I took some photos back in January and never got the chance to upload to my blog so might as well do it now.

Product Info: Ellefar Double Item Compact Type C -Purple

Price: $1.50

Packaging: Simple packaging. Just clear wrap around it with simple text.

The top layer has the 4 eyeshadows while bottom layer has 2 blush colors and it comes with a soft foam and blush applicator. It's also equipment with a mirror.

Texture: The 3 lighter colors blend chalky. The white one has glitter in it and the dark purple blends lighter so you have to apply more layers to achieve the darker look. At first, I didn't like the way the blush appeared on my forearm, I thought it appeared too dark but once I applied it to my face it actually looked good.

For what it's worth, I think this is a good buy. If you are a first time eyeshadow user, it's a good way to practice. The colors are light and doesn't feel heavy when you apply more than 5 layers on and you don't look like a clown. I do recommend using the applicator applying the eyeshadow than using your fingers. It just blends better.

- cheap price
- 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushes all in one small compact

- Eyeshadows are a bit chalky
- Not smudge proof
- Not waterproof
- Need a primer to see the colors better.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm back...again

Holy Molly. It's been 3 months since my last blog post. I wonder if I still have any followers left. Well for those who stuck around, I applaud. I am so happy that this semester is done. I think I bit off more than I can chew. I survived this semester finishing 18 units. And did a documentary for an internship which in the end, got no credit for but my name will be archived in the local library and historical society. The main thing was for the experience and it looks good on a resume.

 Anyways, over the past three months, lots has changed. For now, I'll talk about my new hair. I dyed it a bit darker (sort of a mushroom color). I think it'll fade to a lighter brown or dirty blonde color. Also no more mushroom bangs. I'm styling them to a side bang look.