Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pre-order Vent Online Liz Lisa, Tralala, Penderie 2014 Fukubukuro

So around midnight california time, Vent Online revealed their lucky bags for Liz Lisa, Tralala, Liz Lisa Doll, Penderie and Jugeetta. At 2am, pre-orders were open!

Pictures are from website!

Let's start with Liz Lisa
Luggage ¥21,000

It's beautiful. I love the flower design.

Classical Ribbon Tote 5 items for ¥10,500
Classical Ribbon Boston 3 items for ¥5,250

I'm gonna be honest. I'm disappointed. I do not like these bags. I know they are caramel color but they just look like turds. Ahh it's soooo brown T__T The designers were very lazy with the design. They used the same tote lining from last year but just sharded on it. It's so not like Liz Lisa. I hope the clothing inside makes up for it.


They started their pre-orders earlier than the rest and they also revealed the contents inside. Unfortunately, it's sold out.

Heart Bag sweet ver. 5 items for ¥10,500
Daisy Tote sweet ver. 3 items for ¥5,250
OR purchase the set 8 items for ¥15,750

Heart Bag casual ver. 5 items for ¥10,500
Daisy Tote casual ver. 3 items for ¥5,250
OR purchase the set 8 items for ¥15,750


Dolly Stripe Bag 5 items for ¥10,500

Dolly Classic Bag 3 items for ¥5,250
OR You can purchase the set 8 items for ¥15,750

Liz Lisa Doll

Liz Lisa Doll Brilliant Boston Bag 5 items ¥10,500

Brilliant Tote Bag 3 items 5250

So what did I pre-order?
I pre-ordered the Liz Lisa luggage and the Tralala sweet set. I was thinking about Penderie set but the brand is still new and not much items have been released so I'm afraid I might get the items from their debut.
I really wish I could be in Japan during winter again but since it's my senior year I'm swamped with senior capstone so I'll be working on that during winter break*sigh* but at least I'm going to Tokyo in April for a wedding! :D

I will upload this past months events! I'm so behind blogging T_T

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sayuri's Birthday Gift

The day after my birthday, I had lunch with Sayuri at Kagura. We talked about school, boyfriends, jobs etc. You know, girl talk. After we finished eating, I opened her present. It was a huge box. I was like "OMG. I hope you didn't spend too much". She knew I liked those monthly makeup bags so she created a makeup bag for me. OMG SHE IS SO SWEET! It was very sweet. My heart was touched!! *kisses* >u<//

A week prior, I told her that I liked e.l.f's new holiday collection and she bought be the 96 eyeshadow palette and lip gloss set. And wow look at all the pa nail polishes. I'm in nail polish heaven. I'm just in aww now. I can't wait to try the nails once finals are over. OMG.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

11.23 My Birthday

I didn't have a party this year again. I just don't have the time nor the money to host party at my house. Senior year is killing me. I'm hoping to host a party next year once I graduate from university :)