Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Penpal Haruka

So back in November 2014, a girl in Japan liked my Bath & Body Works Haul on my Instragram. She really wanted soaps but there's no store in Japan. I DMed her asking if she was interested in a goods swap. I sent her Bath & Body Works hand soap and she'll send me Japanese makeup. Our spending limit was $20USD. I bought her 2 hand soaps and 5 mini hand sanitizers along with some Christmas chocolate from Ghiradelli. I included a hand written letter introducing myself. I noticed she liked stickers so I added some of those in the package too. She posted two photos on her Instagram pic 1 and pic 2.

Here's her package she sent me!

3x Pure Smiles Facial Masks
Canmake Lip Gloss
Canmake Nail Polish
Canmake Eyeshadow. I already did a review of this product here.
along with a hand written letter introducing herself and she even included cute pictures of her family Awwwwww ^__^//

My penpal's name is Haruka. She's 27, married with a cute baby boy! ^_^/

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pre-order Liz Lisa, Tralala, Penderie, JugeETTA 2015 Fukubukuro

It's that time again. Pre-orders for fukubukuro / lucky bags begin Dec 1 in Japan. Sunday night for U.S. At first, everything went smooth. I had the Stripe Carry + 3 way bag set in my cart, entered card info, hit proceed, then the site crashed. (*0*)/ OMG I kept hitting refresh. The site kept crashing whenever I was at the credit card processing point. I was getting frustrated and mad haha. This didn't happen when I ordered last year's fukubukuro. An hour later, it went through YAY!

Liz Lisa

Rose Ribbon Embossed Carry
¥25,000 -> ¥27,000 with tax
6 items


Colo Stripe Rose Carry
¥15,000 -> ¥16,200 tax
3 items

Pure Big Tote Pink / White Tote
¥20,000 -> ¥21,600 tax
5 items each

Pure Big Tote White
Casual set 5 items
¥2,000 -> ¥21,600 tax

Pure Big Tote Pink
Sweet Set 5 items
¥20,000 -> ¥21,600

More 3 Way Bag
2 items ¥5,000 -> ¥5,400 tax

Happy Stripe Rose Trunk Carry + 3 Way Bag Set 
5 items ¥20,000-> ¥21,600 tax

Liz Lisa 109 store
In-store exclusive fukubukuro.

Liz Lisa x My Melody Carry link
9 items ¥30,000 -> ¥32,400 tax
Fur Coat • Scallop Blouse • Skirt • Cardigan • Top • Lace Sukapan • Floral Onepiece • My Melody Pouch • Blanket
You can make 3 different coordinates with the clothing!

Colo Mini Stripe Trunk Carry (Pink)
3 items ¥15,000 -> ¥16,200 tax


Sweet Happy Bag
6 items ¥15,000 -> ¥16200 tax

Dolly Happy Bag
4 items ¥10,000 -> ¥10,800 tax
Coat • One piece • Cardigan • Top


Girly Happy Bag
4 items ¥10,000 -> ¥10,800 tax
Coat • 2 Tops • Jumper Skirt


2015 Fukubukuro
Original Carry Bag
8 items ¥30,000 -> ¥32,400 tax
Top • 2 Knit • 2 Bottom • Onepiece • Jacket or Coat • Accessory

This year Liz Lisa definitely raised the prices with less clothing inside. BOO. The big totes aren't cute. Just a plain canvas bag. Where's the ribbon and frills? Hopefully the clothing inside will makeup for the plain bag. I kinda wish they replaced the Rose Embossed Luggage with mini carry design.

Seems like LL is getting lazy. I don't like the black handles. 2013 design looks better.

So what did I order? 
I ordered the mini carry & 3 way set and the LL x My Melody luggage with Tokyo Pirates.