Monday, June 30, 2014

Taiwan Eyelash Haul

Last month, I was running low on bottom lashes so I purchased some on ebay. The prices range from $2-3 for 10 pairs of eyelashes with free shipping from Hong Kong. Here's what I purchased. I'll do individual reviews on them when I can. Ugh so behind on posts.

Monday, June 23, 2014

[Review] Ayumi Hamasaki - A eyelash Natural Days No. 1 (top & bottom)

*Surgery Update: Surgery was a success. I now know what I had… skin infection! Specialist Doctor said I had an infected cyst inside my right buttcheek, ew.. which was the cause of the skin abscess. It was pretty deep within the muscles. Thats why the first surgery in the urgent care office didn't work because the doctor there thought it was a boil on the surface. Specialist Doctor said there was no other way to cure it without having surgery to remove it. So just how did I get it? Well, doctor said blame genetics. I blame my dad. It seems like I get all the bad crap from his side of the family.

*Giveaway Update: Now that the cyst is out from my body, I can finally sit down and start working on taking/editing photos! I just have to rest a couple more days for the surgery hole to close so I can go out to buy giveaway items. Don't get mad at me for prolonging this giveaway. I'm not doing this on purpose. If you had two surgeries on your ass in a month, a giveaway is the least of your worries.

SOOO yeah…this whole month of June has been depressing as hell. Had an infection cyst in my right buttcheek, couldn't sit down, and stayed at home all month. Only time I went out was to urgent care, hospital and doctors office. On the bright side, I now lost about 10lbs eating home cooked Japanese food and resting 13hrs. But with Anime Expo around the corner, it's not enough. I wanted to go to the gym everyday and get my body toned. Ugh. I guess I'll be the chubby staff girl.

The day after surgery, I got the motivation to start blogging and applying makeup again. I plan on doing more reviews and tutorials next month and yes, post old/fogotten posts from last year (T^T)

Ayumi Hamasaki released her own production of eyelashes in late September 2011.
12 different designs with 3 pairs of eyelashes
3 series: Natural Days, Gorgeous Days, and Royal Days

If you don't know me, I'm OBSESSED with her. I've been a dedicated and I mean serious fan of hers since 1999! My friends call me Ayutaku (Ayumi Hamasaki + Otaku) cause of my tendencies to collect her memorabilia. As an Ayu collector, I bought two sets. One to display and one to use. Yes. I'm that crazy so I have 24 lashes of Ayu in total.

Today, I'm finally opening the box and will be reviewing Ayumi Hamasaki's A eyelash Natural Days series eyelashes No. 1 top and No. 1 bottom eyelashes

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm having surgery tomorrow, again!!!

I blame stress and my weak immune that caused me to have this. Tomorrow the doctor is putting me under to remove a skin abscess on my butt, ewww.

June 3: Woke up with what it appears to be a bug bite on right buttcheek

June 6: Got worse and bigger. Went to urgent care up the street in Rancho Palos Verdes at 9 am. Doc gave me anti-biotics. Took pills at 12pm. Hung out with Sayuri 3pm-ish. Starting getting chills and fever at 6pm. Sayuri drove me home 10pm. Took antibiotics again at 11pm. 

June 7: 5am Woke up with fever and chills again. Went to urgent care again to get a new prescription of anti-biotics. Turns out I was allergic to it. On-call Doc said come back monday for removal of abscess.
June 8: Feeling dead. Stayed in bed all day.

June 9: Minor surgery day. On-call doc shot me up with lidocaine but still felt the pain. A second shot was administered but still felt the whole surgery. Doc lanced the area, squeezed out blood & pus. Left the wound open with gauze in it so the bacteria can drained out during the week. 

June 10: Met with a specialist doctor. The doc took the gauze out. Another painful experience.

June 11-16: Healing, resting, and eating home cooked Japanese food that parents made me instead of my usual eating out with friends or bf. I lost 7lbs already!

June 17: Met with specialist doc. Doc said I should've done with procedure with him cause urgent care doctors don't know what they are doing. Scheduled to have local surgery done tomorrow at 4:30pm at Torrance Memorial. I'll be put to sleep while doc can get everything out without having me kicking and screaming lol

Doctors orders... No food for today!
At 8pm: Must drink 8.3 oz of Miralax with 32 oz Gatorade
At 9pm: Must take 4 pills of Ducolax
Rushing to bathroom every 5mins
12am no more liquids

June 18: Surgery 4:30pm. I have to arrive at 2:30pm to register and sign papers.



Just keeping you guys updated. This sucks. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Giveaway announcement postpone!

Just in case you guys haven't checked my instagram or twitter, I had to postpone my giveaway announcement to next week. I had minor surgery monday afternoon and have been recovering ever since. Unable to walk or sit, constant fevers, and nausea when eating solid foods. Just feeling like shit. I've been stuck in bed all week. It sucks. Whenever I'm not KOed from meds, I look at my iphone a bit at social media. My parents think I over exhausted myself and that I always get severely sick whenever I finish school. In college, I never got sick during the school year but whenever I had a school break, all the illnesses comes out. I got a shit immune system and I really need to start taking care of myself.

Okay, I need to sleep now. I WILL get better and do this giveaway!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Liz Lisa Haul part 1

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while since I last bought Liz Lisa! I say part 1 because I'll be posting another haul next week.  Part of the second haul is my first giveaway for my lovely followers. So stay tune next week for my first giveaway. It's going to be awesome.

I bought a few items as a gift to myself for graduating from university and props to me for finishing my 48pg thesis O_O. I'm not the best at writing so completing it was quite difficult within a 5 day time frame.

Order History
May 23: Ordered items on Liz Lisa Rakuten's site
May 26: Tenso received my package
May 27: Only paid 1,180yen for shipping (had a 3,000yen off coupon)
May 28: Tenso shipped out package
May 31: Missed the delivery. No one was home to sign.
June 2: Picked up package from post office

Let's get to the haul!
Forgot to take pics of the tags during the daytime so the pics are slightly different 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just an usamimi day

Yesterday saw Maleficent. Such a good movie!! I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it but Angelina Jolie stole the show. Such a good actress and her portrayal of the disney character was on spot!! Just go see it!

My look of the day!
Wearing my usamimi from Tralala (post) and Liz Lisa top