Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Liz Lisa Fukubukuro/LuckyBags

2014 is just a couple days away and this post is a year late. I came back from Japan after the first week of year 2013. I remember spring semester was going to start the following week and was trying to recover from jet lag. I don't know why I didn't post this or any of my Tokyo winter trip pictures throughout the year. I probably was either too busy or forgot about this post.

I HAVE to post this before I get the 2014 lucky packs 

I know everyone already posted their 2013 but here is my post lol better now than two years late? 
This is just a Liz Lisa lucky bag post. I will post my other shopping adventures in other posts!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gal Xmas Party

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sayuri Hangout

So back in November, I hung out with Sayuri at her house. We took pics and had lots of fun like we normally do :)

Cute holiday decora

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final Day 2 & 3

Final Day 2

Digital Video Motion Graphics 10:30a-12:30p 
This final was by far the most easiest. We just had to create a demo reel showing all our work we did or most proud of within 30 minutes. The demo reel had to be 30-60seconds long. Sounds easy, right? Well, the rendering process screwed me. The first render had multiples sounds playing because I forgot to turn it off haha. The second one played too slow. The third was glitchy. Finally, the 4th one turned out good. I turned it in a little passed 11:15am but the teacher was having trouble with students playbacks so I was safe :)

Digital Animation 1 6:30p-8:30p
I came to open lab around 1:30pm to finish working on my animation. Took about an hour to finish last minute modeling on my checker game animation. I asked Andres to show me how to work the camera views on Autodesk Maya. It was a bit confusing but I eventually got the hang of it and finished around 4:30pm.. After camera perspective, it was time to render…. it was 4000 frames!! It was done at around 5:45pm. OMG. I quickly imported 4000 frames as a sequence into Adobe After Effects, added some text animations as well as import music. It was cutting close to 6:15pm. It took 2 minutes to render into a .mov file. The problem was it was too big to export to the class folder. ARGH. Had to open Adobe Encoder to compress the file. Once that finished rendering, I was finally able to add into the class folder. My teacher was really impressed with my work. She said the ending was unexpected haha. After class critique, I felt calm and relaxed for a few minutes until I realized I needed to work on my senior capstone. 

Final Day 3

Senior Capstone 10:30a-12:30p
Honestly my web store from a design aspect was blank. I spent a couple hours just typing out the shipping/return page. Trying to make it sound professional. I think I need to hire a business person to help me write all the business stuff out. Another problem I was facing was the pricing my products. I know I need to make a profit and all but I want to make it somewhat affordable to people. Japanese products and shipping from Japan itself is expensive. I need a good balance. Time went by and the project was due in 6hrs. I needed to put some pics and text on there fast. I designed a simple banner with text. I also uploaded 5 products with pics and a simple description. Got it done. I arrived to class 10mins late and no one was there. Just 5 students from web and animation. The rest of the students (photography and graphic design) were in the post production room displaying their work. Our critique was simple. Just show our work and our peers critique us. We had to write down our feedback and submit our work via dropbox. We didn't end class until 1:30p but it was better than last semester. We had a 8hr final. OMG. That was a brutal semester. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finals Day 1

Sunday night, I slept over my bf's parents place. He was expecting a package from Japan. While his mother is still in Tokyo and his dad leaves early to go to work monday morning, no one would be there to sign for the package so he wanted me there. All morning & afternoon, I just worked on my never ending 3D animation. The animation is now over 3000 frames. The final was supposed to be 1000 frames. Ugh. I overachieved again >0<

Todays Video Editing final was from 6:30p-8:30p
We just sat at critiqued each other interviews. A classmate mentioned at the end saying we were missing a black & white shot. WOW. A couple other groups were missing one too but "he" didn't say anything. I thought it was fine without the black & white shot. Teacher said that we were the only group to drive outside of campus so we got some brownie points. Take that bitch lol

After class, I talked to Andres if he can help me render my 3D animation tuesday afternoon before class.
3D Animation 6:30-8:30… pray for me that I get it done…

Liz Lisa A/W/ 2013
Just as I was about head to bed, I got an email from Liz Lisa. New contents were uploaded. AHH! I saw this Liz Lisa 5000yen bag. This isn't a lucky bag but I thought it was cute so I bought it.  Hey. I think I deserve it after finals.

Liz Lisa stock image

You get 3 items
* 1 top, 1 top & 1 onepiece
* 1 top, 1 bottom & 1 onepiece
I wonder what I'll get :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Finals Week.
The breakdown.
Nervous breakdown...

Video Editing
11/17 For this project, we were in groups of 3-4 people. We had to interview someone. I chose my friend, Elly, owner of Shibuyala. I had to explain to my group members about gyaru/japanese fashion. 12/4 Project due. OMG. We spent the all day rendering 9am to 10:40pm. I rendered about 12 times. The videos were either missing sound or had too much sound. Another frustration was that the file was too much to transfer to the class folder or the teachers external harddrive. So I decided to render the video on the teachers computer. At least it'll work for the class viewing. The final paper would be a 4pg research paper about our favorite filmmaker.
12/9 class critique and turn in final paper

I wish we had more time. It sucks having a group project for media classes. There's just not enough time. We have to find time to meet which is really hard for media art students schedule and there's not much open lab hours. Using AvidMedia Composer was a pain. The program is really expensive. They don't offer monthly payments like Adobe.
Project status: DONE
Paper status: DONE

Digital Video Motion Graphics
Another group project. This time we had to film each other using the green screen. In my group was Morgan, Chloe, and Victoria. The project was supposed to be a short 30 seconds in & out shot using green screen but we made our story a little more complex than the rest. We were going to be using live animals (Victoria's dogs). The story plot begins with Chloe and I watching a scary movie with her dog but when Chloe is out of the scene the dog goes possessed on me hahaha. Our short clip would be sort of a scary/comedy type. Two days before our filming session, this guy name Michael decided to join our group. OMG WTF. We told the teacher we already have 4 people in our group with the script and storyboard all planned out and he said it was okay. WTF! So we had to write Michael's role into our project as Chloe's brother. Another classmate Johnnie decided to join our group because he didn't like his groups storyline. WTF. Now we have 6 people. For johhnie's role in the movie, we put him in charge of the tv scene. On the day of filming, it was a long process. We each had to film each other in 3 different scenes. With 6 people and two dogs... there was no way we would finish in a 3hour time limit. Umm long story short. We stayed 4hrs. It took an extra longer because the dogs didn't want to look mean on camera.

The video editing process wasn't too bad.
Victoria: Editor
Me: Actress and editor
Chloe: Actress, assistant director & editor
Morgan: Director and assistant editor
Micheal: Actor.. Honestly that guy didn't do shit
Johnnie: He didn't do shit as well but he had a decent excuse cause his father died that week...
Project status: DONE

3D Animation
For this final we just had to create a 3d animation of our liking using Maya. I chose to model and animate a checker game. I found a checker game on youtube that I wanted to model it after. I only put about 500 frames in it and totally neglected it for about two weeks. I was trying to finish other papers and projects that were due sooner than this one. So this week I check the youtube video and it's gone. I sure have bad luck. I'll figure something out. Our final paper is a 3-5 research paper about our favorite 3d animation.
Project status: IN PROCESS
Paper status: DONE

History of Multimedia
Two weeks prior, I had a 45min group presentation and now for the final we had to write a 6pg paper about feminism in video games. Easy.
Paper status: DONE

Senior Capstone
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, my tweets are always bitching about senior capstone. This class is a nightmare. For my senior thesis, I created a webstore. I thought I can design a bunch of websites for my capstone to show my art ability to make them but advisor said focus on one so I said webstore. I always wanted to design a webstore. She took it to the next level.. told me to get a business license, sellers permit and whatnot. WTF. Web designers aren't supposed to do this.. O_O The teacher gave me like what...4 months to start a business. WTF.. I don't think real business Getting all the permits took up most of the semester but I got it done. I'm so drained from the whole process and now it's time to start designing my web store. I'm like soo OVER IT. My graphics and designs are so half-assed at the moment. I'm pretty upset. I'll do whatever I can to turn it for a grade but I feel like I can't show my friends the site until I feel satisfied with it. Once school is over. I'll fix it up and make a huge announcement.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pre-order Vent Online Liz Lisa, Tralala, Penderie 2014 Fukubukuro

So around midnight california time, Vent Online revealed their lucky bags for Liz Lisa, Tralala, Liz Lisa Doll, Penderie and Jugeetta. At 2am, pre-orders were open!

Pictures are from website!

Let's start with Liz Lisa
Luggage ¥21,000

It's beautiful. I love the flower design.

Classical Ribbon Tote 5 items for ¥10,500
Classical Ribbon Boston 3 items for ¥5,250

I'm gonna be honest. I'm disappointed. I do not like these bags. I know they are caramel color but they just look like turds. Ahh it's soooo brown T__T The designers were very lazy with the design. They used the same tote lining from last year but just sharded on it. It's so not like Liz Lisa. I hope the clothing inside makes up for it.


They started their pre-orders earlier than the rest and they also revealed the contents inside. Unfortunately, it's sold out.

Heart Bag sweet ver. 5 items for ¥10,500
Daisy Tote sweet ver. 3 items for ¥5,250
OR purchase the set 8 items for ¥15,750

Heart Bag casual ver. 5 items for ¥10,500
Daisy Tote casual ver. 3 items for ¥5,250
OR purchase the set 8 items for ¥15,750


Dolly Stripe Bag 5 items for ¥10,500

Dolly Classic Bag 3 items for ¥5,250
OR You can purchase the set 8 items for ¥15,750

Liz Lisa Doll

Liz Lisa Doll Brilliant Boston Bag 5 items ¥10,500

Brilliant Tote Bag 3 items 5250

So what did I pre-order?
I pre-ordered the Liz Lisa luggage and the Tralala sweet set. I was thinking about Penderie set but the brand is still new and not much items have been released so I'm afraid I might get the items from their debut.
I really wish I could be in Japan during winter again but since it's my senior year I'm swamped with senior capstone so I'll be working on that during winter break*sigh* but at least I'm going to Tokyo in April for a wedding! :D

I will upload this past months events! I'm so behind blogging T_T

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sayuri's Birthday Gift

The day after my birthday, I had lunch with Sayuri at Kagura. We talked about school, boyfriends, jobs etc. You know, girl talk. After we finished eating, I opened her present. It was a huge box. I was like "OMG. I hope you didn't spend too much". She knew I liked those monthly makeup bags so she created a makeup bag for me. OMG SHE IS SO SWEET! It was very sweet. My heart was touched!! *kisses* >u<//

A week prior, I told her that I liked e.l.f's new holiday collection and she bought be the 96 eyeshadow palette and lip gloss set. And wow look at all the pa nail polishes. I'm in nail polish heaven. I'm just in aww now. I can't wait to try the nails once finals are over. OMG.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

11.23 My Birthday

I didn't have a party this year again. I just don't have the time nor the money to host party at my house. Senior year is killing me. I'm hoping to host a party next year once I graduate from university :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liz Lisa 14th Anniversary Watch

So sunday, I picked up my bf and his father from the airport. They were in Tokyo for a week attending a funeral. I would've gone if it weren't for school. During the past week, he sent me emails everyday saying Japan wasn't the same without me and he missed me very much *aww* ^u^ He came back bearing gifts. My boyfriend went to Shibuya 109 and saw Liz Lisa was having their 14th anniversary sale. He bought me the exclusive watch. He thought I needed one since I'm always asking what the time was. Good choice.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LA Lights


I've been really busy with school. The projects just keep piling up. I haven't been doing anything exciting so I'm gonna do a throwback post.

This was taken back in April. Nikki was moving back to Hawaii. So we had a small, private goodbye party in LA.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Macross World Convention

October 5
Macross World Convention 2013 was held at the Ken Miller Auditorium in Torrance. Sho was super happy to attend this event. He's such a HUGE fan of Macross and the special guest was Hidetaka Tenjin, one of the best mecha artists for the series.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween at Disneyland

October 4
Bought tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland before my ankle injury. Couldn't cancel so I went with Sho and Kevin. Sho and I dressed up as Chip and Dale. Kevin was Stitch. People loved our outfits. Later on, we met up with Kevin's friends inside the park. My ankle started hurting after a few hours so I took a lot of breaks resting. Disney was trying to be health conscious this year. They served healthy bars and apples. Some of the kids were complaining that they weren't giving out the good stuff this year. LOL. I noticed they stopped serving Skittles and Starburst. Kind of a let down but it was fun. Last year I was into Starburst. This year I'm really into Whoopers.

What is your favorite halloween treat?

3 weeks MIA

So I haven't been blogging for a month. Wanna know what happened? Ankle injury.

How it all happened...
Monday September 17
I got out of my 10:30pm History of Multimedia class. Drove to the dorms by 10:45pm. I unloaded luggage and towels on the 4th floor (no elevator). Told my roommates to keep the door open cause I had to get my laptop. As I was walking down the dark, steep hill, I missed the step connecting the sidewalk to driveway. My ankle twisted inward and I felt my whole body weight landed on my right ankle. I fell forward and started rolling downhill. What stopped me was the other sidewalk. I called my dormmates to come get me. Security came out and carried me to front desk. I called my parents and texted bf. My roommates stayed with me until my parents came to pick me up. My parents took me to Torrance Memorial. I got x-rayed right away. I got my ankle, knee, and elbow x-rayed. They thought I hit my head too so they were following procedure asking what my name, where I live, where I am now etc. I answered then I waited in ER. It was packed. They finally called my name at 3am. I slept on the bed until the doc came in a 4am. He said I didn't break or fracture anything. Most likely I severely sprained it with some torn ligaments. They gave me some norco for the pain and put me in an ankle brace along with crutches. I left the hospital at 5am. Got home at 6am. Emailed my advisor and teachers  about my accident and I would be out for a week.

Pictures below are of my injured ankle. Skip this if you don't want to see it.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Penderie Debut

8/31 Tralala released their sub/sister brand Penderie. Penderie's style is European inspired with a bit of sweet romance (romantic gyaru). Wahhh I love it. It's my new obsession. In my package, I received Tralala's anniversary bag, Penderie clear file and Liz Lisa's Kawaii Magazine. I also got Tralala Bath mat and slippers free with a purchase of 9300円 or more.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ramen Burger West Coast Debut

So a couple weeks ago there was a Ramen Burger event in Torrance. Keizo Shimamoto invented the Ramen Burger in Brooklyn, New York. He wanted to have a west coast debut but the problem was it was only to be served to the first 500 people. I saw tons of people even the local news posting the event on Facebook. You know for damn sure more than 500 people will show up and of course they did. News articles said over 1200 people showed up. People were waiting outside since 7am (event started at 11am). Sho and I arrived around 10:00am. Kevin came around 11 am and his friends came around 11:30am. We tried to keep ourselves busy so some of us took turns checking the bookstore and buying drinks in the market. We finally got inside the doors around 3:30pm. Here's the pics.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling In

This is my last year at Marymount California University (MCU). It's already been 3 weeks and I'm already feeling the pressure. So many digital projects and learning new software. Ugh.. I pretty much HATE the classes I'm taking. I just feel overwhelm the most with the senior capstone. I feel like I'm doing more work than my classmates but that could just be me cause they don't appear to be stressed out about their capstone. Everyday I'm working out to vent my anger/stress. Might as well since I have a long gap between classes.

Here's my schedule for Fall 2013

Digital Video Motion Graphics: We are learning to use Adobe After Effects (AE). It's a pretty complicated program to use and the teacher goes way to fast. Some students ask him to slow down or ask for help but he keeps moving forward. He's a new teacher for the school so I get how he needs to get his shit done to meet a quota or something but there's only 15 students in the class so why not take 5 minutes to explain it again. Projects due every week. FML.

Digital Video Editing 1: We are learning to use Adobe Avid Premiere (PR). Another complicated program but teacher is really good at explaining and gives us handouts. If a student is lost, she'll get up from her seat and walk towards them to help them out.

Digital 3D Animation: OMG I'm still questioning myself why I'm taking this class. Obviously this class is for animation majors. We have to do tons of drawing, storyboards etc. I hate it, not my kind of thing. This was the best thing to take within my schedule it was either this or broadcasting for film majors. The classes for web design this semester was cut so I'm shit out of luck.

History of Multimedia: Taught by the same teacher for film editing. I also had her last semester for History of Graphic Design. It's a long class with tedious text like any other history class. We only have two huge papers and a group presentation to do.

Arts and Media Senior Seminar: This is a year long class that every senior needs to take in order to graduate. Last year I designed a Japanese food website for Junior capstone. So this year I wanted to design an online webstore. Of course the teacher was like you need more work so she said it has to be fully functional website by December. Umm WHAT?? She told me to get a business permit, my logos patented, PayPal seller account. This is not the job of a web designer. I might as well be a business major and become the goddamn CEO instead of a web designer. This bitch is asking too much. I just wanna pull out my hair and scream my lungs out.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to post my dorms pictures sooner but yeah... school got in the way.

Move In Day at Upper Division dorms

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Growze Los Angeles

Hey everyone! I just started school this week. I'm surviving. Not used to waking up so early. Can't it still be summer vacation? ><" I'll probably be posting my new dorm room at the end of the week. Now on with the post.

 So a few weeks ago, Sayuri and I hung out in LA. I took her to 12 centimeter for macarons and tea. I asked her if she wanted to check out Growze LA. Might as well since we are in the area. Growze is a Japanese brand based in LA. It's pretty well known. It's been featured in Americans magazines such as Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, People, Star as well as Japanese magazines like Jelly and Scawaii. I knew my friend Stephanie worked there but I wasn't expecting to see her there cause I thought she was in Japan doing modeling. We definitely surprised her. She helped us pick out items. I was attracted to the heel sneakers and Sayuri really liked the accessories. I bought Sayuri the bracelet she wanted. Sayuri is such a good friend to me so I wanted to treat her. She's like the sister I never had. Stephanie was nice enough to give me a huge discount. OMG! Thank You Stephanie ^^ I hope we can hangout in Torrance!
credit to Sayuri for photo

More about Growze

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Secret Honey Debut

Secret Honey is a new clothing brand by Paris Hilton's 109 brand, Honey Bunch. It's so weird how Paris designs clothing for Japan. I'm not sure if Secret Honey is designed by her. I'm kinda glad they made this brand because Secret Honey appears to be cuter and cheaper compared to Honey Bunch. Since they brand just launched there's only a few pieces out. There's also a Disney Collection from them which I want.
Secret Honey Disney Collection

More clothing from Secret Honey

More on website

What do you girls think of the new brand? ^^