Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liz Lisa 14th Anniversary Watch

So sunday, I picked up my bf and his father from the airport. They were in Tokyo for a week attending a funeral. I would've gone if it weren't for school. During the past week, he sent me emails everyday saying Japan wasn't the same without me and he missed me very much *aww* ^u^ He came back bearing gifts. My boyfriend went to Shibuya 109 and saw Liz Lisa was having their 14th anniversary sale. He bought me the exclusive watch. He thought I needed one since I'm always asking what the time was. Good choice.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LA Lights


I've been really busy with school. The projects just keep piling up. I haven't been doing anything exciting so I'm gonna do a throwback post.

This was taken back in April. Nikki was moving back to Hawaii. So we had a small, private goodbye party in LA.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Macross World Convention

October 5
Macross World Convention 2013 was held at the Ken Miller Auditorium in Torrance. Sho was super happy to attend this event. He's such a HUGE fan of Macross and the special guest was Hidetaka Tenjin, one of the best mecha artists for the series.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween at Disneyland

October 4
Bought tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland before my ankle injury. Couldn't cancel so I went with Sho and Kevin. Sho and I dressed up as Chip and Dale. Kevin was Stitch. People loved our outfits. Later on, we met up with Kevin's friends inside the park. My ankle started hurting after a few hours so I took a lot of breaks resting. Disney was trying to be health conscious this year. They served healthy bars and apples. Some of the kids were complaining that they weren't giving out the good stuff this year. LOL. I noticed they stopped serving Skittles and Starburst. Kind of a let down but it was fun. Last year I was into Starburst. This year I'm really into Whoopers.

What is your favorite halloween treat?

3 weeks MIA

So I haven't been blogging for a month. Wanna know what happened? Ankle injury.

How it all happened...
Monday September 17
I got out of my 10:30pm History of Multimedia class. Drove to the dorms by 10:45pm. I unloaded luggage and towels on the 4th floor (no elevator). Told my roommates to keep the door open cause I had to get my laptop. As I was walking down the dark, steep hill, I missed the step connecting the sidewalk to driveway. My ankle twisted inward and I felt my whole body weight landed on my right ankle. I fell forward and started rolling downhill. What stopped me was the other sidewalk. I called my dormmates to come get me. Security came out and carried me to front desk. I called my parents and texted bf. My roommates stayed with me until my parents came to pick me up. My parents took me to Torrance Memorial. I got x-rayed right away. I got my ankle, knee, and elbow x-rayed. They thought I hit my head too so they were following procedure asking what my name, where I live, where I am now etc. I answered then I waited in ER. It was packed. They finally called my name at 3am. I slept on the bed until the doc came in a 4am. He said I didn't break or fracture anything. Most likely I severely sprained it with some torn ligaments. They gave me some norco for the pain and put me in an ankle brace along with crutches. I left the hospital at 5am. Got home at 6am. Emailed my advisor and teachers  about my accident and I would be out for a week.

Pictures below are of my injured ankle. Skip this if you don't want to see it.