Hello, I'm Sachiko. Sachiko (幸子) means "child of happiness or happy child" in Japanese. I am a Nikkei Yonsei (日系四世) meaning 4th generation Japanese born outside of Japan. I was born and raised in Southern California, USA. I have an older sister who's 10 years older than me. My parents are originally from Hawaii. They were tired of the island life so they came to California after graduating from University of Hawaii. As far as roots, my great grandparents immigrated to Hawaii from Hiroshima. I have relatives living in California, Hawaii and Japan.

Quick Info
Name: Sachiko (幸子)
B-day: 11/23
Ethnicity: 100% Japanese
Blood type: A
Location: California
Occupation: College student
Fav Color: Green
Idol: Ayumi Hamasaki
J-magazines: Cutie, Seventeen Japan, Jelly, Popteen, Ageha, Scawaii and Sweet
J-brands: Liz Lisa, Cecil McBee, Tralala, Rose Fan Fan, Ingni

I started blogging on Xanga back in 2003 and recently moved to Blogger in 2011. Still trying to move old entries onto here. The name is from one of Ayumi Hamasaki's instrumental songs.

Camera: Cyber-shot Digital Camera TX7
Programs: Paint and Paint Shop Pro 7