Wednesday, November 30, 2011

H&M Knit Turtleneck

Another item from H&M during black friday. These weren't selling as fast as the coat but still offered half of regular price. I really like wearing turtlenecks during the winter time. It's good to protect your chest/neck from the cold wind.

Mitsuwa Beauty Haul

Mitsuwa had their annual 20% off their entire store. I woke up early so I can be one of the first people there. I was the youngest one in the crowd. HAHA! The older ladies were targeting food while I had my eyes set on their beauty section.

As you can see below, I kind went a little overboard buying products. I spent all my birthday money on this. O_O'''

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

H&M Coat

I'm running on two hours of sleep so bear with me with this entry....

I bought this coat and a couple other items from H&M on Black Friday (11/25). I was the last person in waiting for the store to open at midnight. Everyone rushed in to the back of the store but they didn't really notice that all the good deals were in the front. LOL.

H&M offered a ton of different color/material turtle necks and sweatshirts for $15. Some shirts and blouses went for $5-10. I managed to snatch this coat off the rack before it got sold out. I noticed some people eyeing this coat so I kept it close, afraid thinking they were gonna snatch it. Some people are crazy over black friday.

Price: $20

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Part 2

Ah!!! Part 2 of black friday shopping x.X

Shopped at Macy's & Gamestop

NYX Eyeshadow

Smokey Eyes Eyeshadow

I bought this eyeshadow palette when I was out shopping for a black dress for my friends party. It has 10 shades of eyeshadow. There are instructions in the back to create the smokey eye look. I'm such a noob when it comes to applying eyeshadow. I tried my best to copy the look. I kinda liked how it turned out.

Price: $11.90

K.J. Hollywood Party

My best friend Kung-Jin's birthday was on Nov. 13 but celebrated it last week on the Nov 19. He always goes all out to make his party the best. This year he rented out a loft for the night in Hollywood. I invited my friend Maki to tag along. We were the first ones there, we started drinking and snacking. As more people started to show up, we played some beer pong and drank some more. I'm not much of a drinker. Just had some vodka with cranberry juice and a glass of wine. I got home around 4am lol

Happy Birthday Kung-Jin!

The place had a nice view from the rooftop.

More photos...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Part 1

Yes Part 1.. LOL I've been shopping all day at various places & malls.

Please check back later ^_^v

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Birthday to... ME :)

Blah another year older.

Unfortunately I won't be able to celebrate today because I have a huge Anatomy Exam x_X. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Charcoal Shorts

I bought these shorts a month ago from a store called Love Culture. This is my second pair of shorts I own (seriously). I just thought that some of my tops I have would look better with shorts.

I was feeling lazy that day and took the risk of not trying these shorts on. Luckily, these fit perfectly. A week later, I found these shorts online and the website offered the shorts with a belt. Boo! The store at mall didn't sell the belt with the shorts. Oh well, I still like them. They give a slimming effect on me.

Price: $15.90

Getty Hangout

This meeting happened a month ago.

I went to the Getty Center in Los Angeles to meet up with some gals. It was a small gathering/potluck. A few girls showed up with yummy snacks. We walked around the place to take some photos. Time passed by so quickly. The girls invited me out but I couldn't go cause I had to study for my test. Although our meeting was short, I had a fun time meeting up with local girls. I hope to see them again soon!


Marie (blog)

Rowie (blog)

Shawnee (blog)

Abbie (blog)

More photos...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Sho

My boyfriend had work on his birthday so we didn't get to meet up until after 8pm. We had dinner with his parents at his place. I bought him a fruit tart from Whole Foods cause he doesn't like cake. I only took this photo since he wasn't in the mood the take pictures.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beige Knit Mini Onepiece

Finally had the time to blog!

So I bought a couple tops from GALSTAR a while back. The shipping took a little longer than usual but still within a 2 week period. I bought this knit top and another top which I'll post later.

The top is worn by Jelly model Remi Sakamoto. She has a nice body. I can't rock this look like the way she does. LOL.

The top has a diamond shape knitting. It's actually quite thick and warm. Nice trendy look for cali winter weather.
Price: $31.08

Can be bought here
jp link:
eng link:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

L.A. Girl Eyeshadow

I went to Marukai to buy a bento but made a pit stop in the cosmetic & beauty section. There was a sale on eyeshadow from this particular brand, L.A. Girl. There were two color palettes to choose from. One was rainbow and the other neutral colored. Since I'm really into neutral colors, I just had to buy it.
Price: $3.95

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anap Knit Top

I went to West LA just to hang out with some friends. I stopped by the ANAP store for a quick browse. I stumbled upon this top that caught my eye. I was very tempted to buy it right on the spot but I had to hold back cause my friends wanted to eat. During dinner I kept on thinking about this top.. Not sure why but I just had to go back. I kept on pacing back and forth thinking if I should buy it. I remembered seeing knitted tops in several jp magazines so assuming it was the trend for fall. I ended up purchasing it.

The top. Trying to figure out what type of top this is. By research, I think this is called Dolman Knit Top. I could be wrong. Anyways, the top is a neutral brown and the sleeves are elbow length. The threading is so fine. I gotta be careful with wearing this top since it could snag on just about anything.
Price: $24.99 excluding tax.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gifts from Sayuri

Over the course of several months, my friend Sayuri has been on several trips:  Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago. It sounds all very exciting and I'm glad she had a fun time ^_^ She was nice enough to buy me some cute gifts during her trip. I know I'm behind on my entries so I'm going to do a combine entry of the gifts. For now it's going to be San Francisco & Chicago. The gifts from Vegas will be in another entry.

From San Francisco, she gave me cute Hello Kitty stationary post-its. I took this photo a while back and by now I've pretty much used both up. I stick of ton of posts on my wall, computer and mirror. Trying to remind me of important test dates, hangouts, etc. I forget some anyway either because the paper loses it's stickiness and falls out of place or I just plain out forget. Can't forget about the bear keychain. It's hard to see in the pic but it has the golden gate bridge in the center. It's cute and quite heavy for a keychain.

From Chicago,she gave me a shirt from Victoria's Secret, popcorn (not pictured), and a magnet. The shirt is very light and sheer. Love how the heart stands out. Perfect to use during yoga or roomwear. Hopefully someday I'll get to visit Chicago.