Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Growze Los Angeles

Hey everyone! I just started school this week. I'm surviving. Not used to waking up so early. Can't it still be summer vacation? ><" I'll probably be posting my new dorm room at the end of the week. Now on with the post.

 So a few weeks ago, Sayuri and I hung out in LA. I took her to 12 centimeter for macarons and tea. I asked her if she wanted to check out Growze LA. Might as well since we are in the area. Growze is a Japanese brand based in LA. It's pretty well known. It's been featured in Americans magazines such as Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, People, Star as well as Japanese magazines like Jelly and Scawaii. I knew my friend Stephanie worked there but I wasn't expecting to see her there cause I thought she was in Japan doing modeling. We definitely surprised her. She helped us pick out items. I was attracted to the heel sneakers and Sayuri really liked the accessories. I bought Sayuri the bracelet she wanted. Sayuri is such a good friend to me so I wanted to treat her. She's like the sister I never had. Stephanie was nice enough to give me a huge discount. OMG! Thank You Stephanie ^^ I hope we can hangout in Torrance!
credit to Sayuri for photo

More about Growze

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Secret Honey Debut

Secret Honey is a new clothing brand by Paris Hilton's 109 brand, Honey Bunch. It's so weird how Paris designs clothing for Japan. I'm not sure if Secret Honey is designed by her. I'm kinda glad they made this brand because Secret Honey appears to be cuter and cheaper compared to Honey Bunch. Since they brand just launched there's only a few pieces out. There's also a Disney Collection from them which I want.
Secret Honey Disney Collection

More clothing from Secret Honey

More on website

What do you girls think of the new brand? ^^

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Diamond Eyelash Angel

So this week my house has been under a lot of reconstruction. We're getting new pipping done so the plumbers made holes all through out the place. Two out of three bathrooms are also getting remodeled. Our house looks like a mess. They destroyed part of my closet because it's near the bathroom thats getting remodeled. Lots of stress inside the house. My mom is always yelling. My dad and sister don't help out. They just leave the house the mornings leaving me to do the work. Ugh. When the workers are here, they shut off the water so we gotta walk down to our clubhouse to use the restroom/shower. After the workers leave for the day, we only have one working toilet and sink in the kitchen. I think we're gonna have to live like this for a month until all the remodeling is done. For me, I'll be at the university dorms next week so I won't have to worry but at least my mom says I can pick out new bathroom interior stuff.

If I didn't have to share a bathroom/shower with my sister I would totally decorate it like this *_*

Anyways, back to Diamond Lashes. Lashes from Sayuri post.

Product Info
Brand: Diamond Lash
Name: Angel eye/エンジェル eye
Series Style: Lady Glamorous No. 3
Content: 5 pairs
Price: $12-22

For the Lady Glamorous series, it's a purple theme. The cover is kinda flimsy.

Design & Eyelash Band
The band is clear and thin. Very flexible. The design on the lashes are thick and chunky leaving gaps in between.

Before & After

Volume & Length
Never thought I would say this but it gives too much length. The volume gives me a spider legs look cause of the gaps in between the lashes.

- good for smokey eye
- adds lots of length

- spider leg appearance
- not good on light make-up
- maybe too dramatic for some
- shiny lashes

Overall 1/3
I  feel like it would've looked better on me if I had a smokey eye look. They don't look good if your eye make-up is light. Sho says I look like a clown. Maybe it's just me who doesn't like it. It looks great on other girls though >.<

Monday, August 19, 2013

Brightlele Two-Tone Wig

Hey everyone! I finally got the photobucket situation settled. They are giving me two free months because it caused me so much trouble. YAY. Okay back to post.

So for the past two weeks I've been spending money like crazy and trying to hang out with friends as much as possible. I was sick for practically my whole summer (7weeks). I didn't get to do the things I wanted to do so I'm trying to make the best of it before school starts next week. I ordered a wig from Brightlele through Rakuten. I felt like I needed a new wig. I was really attracted to the two-tone wig (Ash Beige & Pink).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photobucket Rant

Okay so the pictures on my site have been down since Tuesday Aug 13. This will be a rant post on how bad Photobucket's service is.

Apparently I exceeded my bandwidth on photobucket as a free member. You can pay to become a plus member to have unlimited bandwidth and more storage space.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bandwidth Exceeded!

I woke up this morning only to find out I've exceeded my bandwidth. My photos are temporarily gone. Fear not but I've upgraded my account so my pictures should be up in a few hours. If these messages aren't gone by 6p I'll will contact support. Please be patient. I'm working on another blog post in the meantime. Thank you for your support.

updated 1:32am Wednesday I emailed them 3 times and even tweeted to them. No response. =_= It's either I wait for them to fix it or upload photos through blogger using picasa.

updated 1:53am I'm going to upload pictures from the first five posts to blogger before i sleep. Photobucket needs to fix this problem. Super angry now. updated 2:59am I'm getting sleepy. Fixed 2 posts from the first page.

Friends Wedding

Last week sunday, I attended my boyfriends' friend's wedding. He is the first from their high school group to get married. The wedding was held at Trump National Golf course. The location is like 15mins away from my house so I wasn't stressing about traffic or anything. We arrived 10mins before the wedding ceremony started. We signed our name, gave them our gift,  received fans and program. It was an outdoor wedding so the fans were useful in blocking the hot sun. The wedding was in both English and Korean. The food was buffet style with Korean dishes. The wedding cake was strawberry shortcake. The wedding was really elegant. I really liked the color theme and flowers. We enjoyed it.


  Congratulations to Crystal and Daniel Lee!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jugeetta, Tralala, and Liz Lisa Haul

Wasn't too sure if I should call this a haul cause I only bought three things but I'm very excited my package came in. This is my first time purchasing from Jugeetta. For those who don't know what the brand is, it's a sister brand to Liz Lisa. The clothing is for older ladies who moved from the LL brand or just want a more mature look. The reason I don't purchase any items from this store is because it's really expensive normally ranging from $100-200 and with international it will kill my wallet.

Aug 2nd: ordered 3 items from Vent International. Total 6373円
Aug 3rd: Tenso received my package. Paid 3780円 for shipping.
Aug 5th: Tenso shipped my package.
Aug 8th: Received package.

Warning! Picture heavy below!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mitsuwa Summer Festival 2013

Sho and I went to Mitsuwa's summer festival Sunday afternoon. I thought of wearing my yukata but was feeling lazy. We ate takoyaki, spam musubi, yakitori, and black sesame ice cream. Afterwards, we went inside the bookstore. I bought the last copy of Popteen with Ayumi on it. I also ordered Sept. issue of Majesty so I'll be getting in 3 weeks. I wish i didn't have to wait long.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Liz Lisa Cosmetics + Eyelash Review

Hey everyone!
*drum roll* I'll be reviewing Liz Lisa cosmetics.  The cheek and lip gloss were a gift from my bestie Sayuri (post) and the eyelashes were from one of my hauls (post).

Liz Lisa Cheek: Baby Pink (010)
The design has sort of a French, Marie Antoinette to it. I love the gold, rose glamour to it. I went crazy with the photos.

The blush compact is just so beautiful to the point it makes me not want to use this. hehe. It has a very smooth texture with shimmer to it. It's very pigmented as a swatch but on my cheek it appears very transparent so I had to apply more than 3 layers in order to see some color on my fcae.

Overall: 3/3
I think the color looks well with my complexion. I just wish I didn't have to apply multiple times but that could just be from my point of view. I like some color on my pale face. My bf says he likes the 2nd layer on me cause afterwards I started looking like a clown lol.

Liz Lisa Lip Gloss: Jewel Orange (033)
Again I went crazy with the pictures but thats how much I love the design on the packaging.

Just the prettiest lip gloss ever! Love the gold and roses!
Sayuri told me she asked the LL sales clerk which one was the most popular and they said it was the Jewel Orange so she bought it for me. I love you Sayuri!  >u<//

Overall: 3/3
In the swatch you can see it's a very light peach color but on my lips you can't really tell the difference in the photos. I think it looks way better in person. I think it gives a natural look with some shine.

Liz Lisa eyelashes (top and bottom)

Liz Lisa does not fail on the cuteness level. The packaging is just gorgeous. For the top eyelashes, the front design has a lot of pink, pearls, roses, and sparkliness... so perfect for a princess! The back is a simple pink background with a white background for instructions on usage. The bottom eyelashes uses the same front design just in yellow. The back is the same background but instructions for bottom lash usage. Only two pairs are included in the package and doesn't include glue.

Design & Band
The top eyelashes have a black band. The band is thin and isn't stiff. The lashes itself feel super soft maybe a little fragile. The lashes alternates from a long chunk to a short thin lash.

The bottom lashes have a clear band. I just have to point out that it's a really thick clear band. It's thicker than any lash band I've ever used. I really the like design of lashes though. It goes from a thin cross-hatch to a thicker cross-hatch look with a straight lash in between.

In this picture, you can see just how thick the lash band is. I really don't like it :(

Volume & Length

Liz Lisa top
I love the extra volume and length these lashes give. Very comfortable.

Liz Lisa bottom
The bottom lashes aren't light-weight. It feels very heavy and the application is quite difficult because the lash band has the clear, thick mess on it. It's hard to loosen and thick band is noticeable but at least you won't have to worry about the lashes coming apart.

Liz Lisa Eyelash (top)

- adds volume & length
- comfortable 
- light weight

-lashes are a bit fragile

Liz Lisa Eyelash (bottom)

-good design

- feels heavy
- eyelash band too thick
- not easily applicable
- uncomfortable

I give the top lashes 3/3 Eventhough the lashes feel fragile, I've re-used 3 times with no problem. I would recommend these lashes. 

I give the bottom lashes 1/3. Maybe my expectations were high for this brand cause I love them so much. I'm just very disappointed that they could have a great design but could mess up on the thick, sticky band. I would not recommend this. If they fixed the lash band then I would give it another try.

I'm changing the range of my reviews instead of using 5 I'm going by 3. I mean 5 is just too broad for me. I'm always thinking is this product a 4, 3 or maybe a 2? Blah. It's either you like it or you don't and maybe some neutral feelings in between about the product. So yeah rating things out of 3 works best for me.

Please leave comments! Thank you for reading!