Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/8 Hiro's Pre-Birthday Party

After my thursday night class, I had dinner with Yasuhiro and Carlton at Asa Ramen. Hiro invited his friend, Sanae, to join. Hiro's birthday was the following day but I couldn't make it to his party so might as well celebrate a day early. Besides Ramen, Asa Ramen is known for their yummy takoyaki. Too bad they were sold out that day. Boo. Instead we ordered gyoza and wiener for appetizer. I ordered Kotteri Ramen. Carlton ordered the same thing but in a large size. Hiro ordered fried rice. Hiro and I both drank Umeshu. (^o^)/

Happy Birthday Yasuhiro!~~

My camera does not take good pics at night..



Kotteri Ramen

Carlton with his large size Ramen. That boy can eat!

Sanae, Yasuhiro, and me

I'm back

I haven't updated for a while! There's many things I need to talk about. I guess the best thing to do is blog from where I left off on 3/5.

My boyfriend is growing up. He finally moved out from his parents place and into a nice house (sharing with other roommates) in Irvine for his job. It's so lonely without him around but at least we get to see each other during the weekends. During the week, I keep myself busy with either studying, reading manga, or chilling with friends.

 I bought a webcam & mic (not shown). I also have skype!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant with Steve & Carlton. We wanted to watch the Chicago Bulls play against NY Knicks. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera so I relied on Steve's iphone photos. We ordered a ton of food but steve only took pics of the drinks.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Stay Awake

So a couple things happened this week.

Feb 29: Went to Disneyland. They celebrated leap day by staying open 24hrs.
March 1: Had dinner with my friend Carlton. Celebrating his birthday :3
March 2: Worked out and spent time with boyfriend <3
March 3: Hinamatsuri! Bought traditional mochi and snacks
March 4: Studying for my physiology test. Ugh!~~

Oh man do I look tired!

Drinking some coffee from UCC

Some snacks I bought for Hinamatsuri. My camera sucks at night photos