Monday, December 22, 2008


I did もちつき (traditional Japanese pounding of rice) at my aunts house in Monterey Park. 
も ちつき-mochitsuki is performed during the end of December in preperation for the new year. You buy the special sweet rice min of 5 pounds and soak in water the night before so the rice get plumpy.
I invited Sean and Kevin cause they never did it before. We were each supposed to make 5 pounds worth of mochi for our families but my mom bought the 10 pounds of rice by mistake. I knew from the night before when I was soaking it that the portion was a little big from last year but I never checked the bag. I think we made over a 100 mochi all together. Most of my relatives made plain or red bean filled mochi. For the past two years I made peanut butter mochi and my relatives thinks it's weird. It actually tastes good. We started at 9am and ended around 1:30pm. When we got home, we all divided up the mochi. Fun memories.