Sunday, July 10, 2005

San Diego

On Friday, Brandon called me early in the morning to tell me that he arrived safely to San Diego. He was there for a family reunion. In a couple hrs, she picked me up. Because of the errands LeeLee and I had to do, we ended up leaving to San Diego around 4:30pm. The 405 S had so much traffic that the optimum driving speed was only about 20-40 mph. We arrived 3hrs later. I called Brandon to tell him that we were at Fashion Valley Mall. LeeLee and I ate dinner @ Crocodile Cafe which was a fancy restaurant. The bread&butter was delicious. if we could, we would've just ate bread&butter for dinner =) Brandon called and was trying to find the restaurant so I went outside.. I saw him.. I ran towards him and tackled him! AHH.. We couldn't do much because we didn't know the area and LeeLee had to be home @ 12 to coach for Judo.His family drove us to the near by amusement park. Brandon doesn't like roller coasters but he went on it for me (aww). At first, he was hella tense but after the ride. He liked it. The second time around, he held my hand (aww). In retrospect, I didn't get to spend much time with Brandon but as long as I got to see him... EVERYTHING WAS FUCKING WORTH IT. [edit]Oh yeah and LeeLee said that Brandon passed the "BF test" cause my ex's in the past did not. YAY.
[edit] Not being able to have a car is a fucking detriment... I swear...
I thought about meeting him with my hair tied back but instead just let my hair down.

yay for cake