Friday, February 17, 2012

School & Sweet Stuff

Hope everyone had a good valentine's day! Mine was okay. My allergies were acting up plus I got another eye infection again. My friend, June, recommended me using a different eye cleaning solution (currently using Kirkland). She used to get frequent eye infections from using Kirkland. She recommends the more expensive brand because it cleans the protein out better. Enough rambling on my eyes. Back to v-day.. My bf got dinner to-go from Fish Bonz Seafood Grill. He also got me sweet japanese chocolate and more eyelashes ^_^

As you can see, I got some cute notebooks for spring semester. The first 3-4 weeks of a new semester is horrible especially the first week. Adding or dropping classes is a major pain. Finding parking is my biggest issue. As for my schedule, I have one late night class but it's only once a week. I knew I was going to struggle with Physiology so I picked "easy" classes. After surviving the first week, I can say it's not gonna be an easy semester. I thought the other classes were gonna be a breeze but there's so much work. Piano requires muscle memory with lots of practice, Japanese culture has quizzes and presentations every week, CPR has hands-on dummy practice. Ugh, I'm gonna do a lot bitching this semester. I will survive...

Spring Semester
Beg. Piano
Japanese Culture
First Aid/CPR