Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/8 Hiro's Pre-Birthday Party

After my thursday night class, I had dinner with Yasuhiro and Carlton at Asa Ramen. Hiro invited his friend, Sanae, to join. Hiro's birthday was the following day but I couldn't make it to his party so might as well celebrate a day early. Besides Ramen, Asa Ramen is known for their yummy takoyaki. Too bad they were sold out that day. Boo. Instead we ordered gyoza and wiener for appetizer. I ordered Kotteri Ramen. Carlton ordered the same thing but in a large size. Hiro ordered fried rice. Hiro and I both drank Umeshu. (^o^)/

Happy Birthday Yasuhiro!~~

My camera does not take good pics at night..



Kotteri Ramen

Carlton with his large size Ramen. That boy can eat!

Sanae, Yasuhiro, and me