Friday, August 22, 2014

Lavshuca Star Decoration PK-1 Eyeshadow

Hello! Finally a blog post. I've been sort of a downer lately. If you read my twitter, it's full of rants. Got some family and bf problems. I just couldn't blog. My friends Sayuri, Kevin, and Carlton have been around to listen. I thank them for cheering me up. *huggles*

Product Info
Brand: Lavshuca
Name: Star Decoration Eyeshadow
Color: PK-1
Weight: 3.0g
Price: 1600円

Product fits tightly in a clear square plastic box. On the back it gives directions how to apply.

Beautiful presentation of product. Love the cute design on the side of compact.

The swatches are a lot shimmery in person.

I did the eyes a bit different than the suggestion use. Instead of a & b on top of each other. I did them side my side.
Here's my look. Review of the eyelashes I'm wearing will be in next post!

Overall: 3/3
I love the pigmentation/texture for this eyeshadow. It glides on smooth and I don't have to cake on layers compared to other eyeshadows. Next time I go to Japan. I'll buy more Lavshuca.

- Pigmented with light shimmer
- Nice color perfect for Autumn
- Matches well with Liz Lisa clothing

- Not available in U.S.

Thanks for reading!