Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

[Preparation before Mother's Day]
Sho and I went to several stores for mother's day supplies.
99cent store: 1 huge card, 2 flower plates, 1 flower wrap, 1 blue bow
Albertson's: 4 cases of strawberries, 1 pineapple, 6 kiwi's, 1 pkg toothpicks
Trader Joes: 1 bouquet, 1 pkg macadamia Nuts
Spent around $25 which is not bad considering I'm saving money for Japan

For the chocolate, I used Nestle semi-sweet chocolate. I already had in storage at my house. Sho was in charge of chopping the nuts. I melted the chocolate and dipped the strawberries in. I cut all the fruits into medium chunks. I told Sho to arrange the fruit kabobs by kiwi, pineapple, and strawberry with the toothpick.

[Mother's Day 母の日]
In the morning, we got out our finished products, wrapped them up with the clear flower wrap and tied it together with the blue bow. Added our words on the card and we were off to his house to give his mother the gifts.

I celebrated Mother's day with Sho's family. We went to California Pizza Kitchen. We ordered soup, 2 salads and 2 pizzas. It was so good!!
I also celebrated with my family the night before at Pei Wei but the gifts to Sho's mother and my mother were the same.

Happy Mother's Day! ❤