Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Nails

Sorry this post is so late. I was doing a lot of last minute preparation shopping for Anime Expo.

I got my nails done today. I haven't had my nails done in 6 months. It feels good to have long nails again. I'm a nail bitter so natural nails don't last too long. Anyways, my nail theme is "sweets". I told my nail artist, Mari, to give me the cutest sweets deco she has. I have all sorts of sweets like doughnuts, cookies, lollipops, and ice cream. The acrylic base is hot pink with gradation. The rhinestones are gold, pink, blue and silver.

Price: $70


  1. the nails are so cute *__* with all those sweet oh god, it makes me want to eat them hahah!

    have a good day! :)

  2. Sachiko, you always have amazing nails!! These are SO adorable! I miss doing my nails too, but they don't last long because of work ;O; I can't have such cute nails either because I'm afraid they'll fall off in people's food XD

    How long did it take to make these?