Monday, October 24, 2011

Skull Accent Glasses

Sho bought 2 pairs of glasses from Yesstyle. For halloween, we're going to be wearing rilakkuma & korilakkuma kigurumis. He thought the glasses with the skull accent would add a halloween touch to it. On the website, the glasses came in two types: glossy or matte black. It didn't give us the option to choose which type. It just says black. We chose the cheap shipping option and it came within 2 weeks. We both ended up getting the matte black. The eyeglass case is a bit cheap and hard to open at times. I don't think I'll be using it anyway.

Overall the glasses look great on Sho but on me, they look a bit funny. I don't have a high bridge nose so the glasses don't have much support. They pretty much just sit on my cheeks. HAHA.


  1. Aw they look cute! Also, jealous of your kurigumi! I want one!

  2. Maria: Thank you ^^

    Abbie: I bought the kigurumi at a store called Tamaya. Here is their store information.