Sunday, January 27, 2013

Forgotten USB + weekend

So ever since spring semester started, I've been becoming more forgetful. I think it's due to my classes and stress. I'm taking 6 classes - 18 units total. I don't get to eat breakfast or dinner anymore because well.. no time. I get about 4-6 hours of sleep a day and add stress with no food equals a scrambled mind. So friday, I wanted to hang out with friends Annabel & Yvette. Just have a girls' night out to release some stress. The plan was for my friends to met up in front of my Digital Illustration class which ended at 4:15pm. In class, I was running a little late- it was 4:20- I was quickly saving my files onto my USB. I packed my stuff and jetted out of class. They wanted to check out my dorm. They live on the north side while I lived on the west side. We are considering in rooming together next semester Fall 2013. Forms submitting for roommates start in March so we want to get this done fast. The faster we submit, the better chances of us getting good rooms. While on the way there, Annabel, gets a texts from this guy she's been texting all week. He asked her out on a date. She was super excited since it was her first time a guy ever asked her out. Awww ^v^ They checked out my dorm and they loved it. They liked how it's super quiet compared to their dorms. I later dropped Annabel back to her dorms so she can get ready for her first date. I took Yvette out for some Korean pizza and chicken at a place called Love Letter. The restaurant was near my friend Carlton's place. I gave him a call but he didn't answer. I wanted Yvette to meet him since they have similar interests. After dinner, we wanted something sweet so we went to Ten Rens for some boba. Right when we sat down, I got a text from Carlton saying to meet him at Oko. I started laughing because he was getting boba at the boba place right next door (it's weird how there's two boba places next to one another). We just hung out until 9pm. Fun night I came home around 10pm and KOed. I woke up at 5am in a cold sweat. WEIRD. For some reason, I had the need to check for my USB. HA! It was no where to be found in my backpack. I checked and double checked my car and backpack. I must have left it in the computer while I was saving my files. "Doh" moment. There's no class after mine on fridays so hopefully it'll still be there when I go to school tomorrow. I'm planning to arrive there once they open the doors to computer lab. EVERYTHING was on there. My blog photos and digital projects. I'm more worried for my digital projects because I can't replace last semesters work *fingers crossed*

 Pictures from friday night...