Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sayuri's Birthday Gift

The day after my birthday, I had lunch with Sayuri at Kagura. We talked about school, boyfriends, jobs etc. You know, girl talk. After we finished eating, I opened her present. It was a huge box. I was like "OMG. I hope you didn't spend too much". She knew I liked those monthly makeup bags so she created a makeup bag for me. OMG SHE IS SO SWEET! It was very sweet. My heart was touched!! *kisses* >u<//

A week prior, I told her that I liked e.l.f's new holiday collection and she bought be the 96 eyeshadow palette and lip gloss set. And wow look at all the pa nail polishes. I'm in nail polish heaven. I'm just in aww now. I can't wait to try the nails once finals are over. OMG.