Saturday, November 23, 2013

11.23 My Birthday

I didn't have a party this year again. I just don't have the time nor the money to host party at my house. Senior year is killing me. I'm hoping to host a party next year once I graduate from university :)

On thursday, my 3D Animation class held a birthday party for Andres and me :) It was actually supposed to be a surprise for the both of the class but Wadeeah accidentally spoke about it when I was in the room. lol. It's okay I was getting a cake anyway. I went to my old work place, Kings Hawaiian, to picked up Paradise cake.

Andres & I
Same birthday, different ages ;D

Actual Birthday

This year my birthday was on a saturday *yes* I honestly slept in like 13hrs.
Last week prior, my physical therapist treating my ankle told me about Catalina Kitchen's birthday discount. You get Surf & Turf entree worth $65 for free! *Must show ID and one other person must buy an entree. I originally planned on going to Summit House. I go there every year; but it's nice to try something new. My mom also liked the idea cause it's so close by, like 10mins up the hill from our house.

I got ready for dinner reservations at Catalina Kitchen located inside Terranea Resort (post).
waiting area
Yummy bread

I got Surf & Turf, my bf & mother both got Filet Mignon

This tasted amazing! The filet mignon was so soft and tender it just melted in my mouth.
The lobster tail was also yummy. Their sauces complemented meat and seafood perfectly. 

I'm so stuffed with yummy food ^o^/  I wanted to take a photo with my mother but she caught a cold yesterday so wasn't in the camera mood :(

I don't do many OOTD shots but here's my look

Fur collar: Allamanda
Top: Allamanda
Skirt: Allamanda
Boots: Liz Lisa
Bag: Tralala

I bought the outfit from Allamanda in Odaiba. 3 pieces for 5000 yen such a deal! Bought Liz Lisa boots in Shibuya during winter 2012-2013. Tralala purchased this year.

After dinner, I met up with Abhi, my bro, and went to Iccho. I think my old entries on xanga would mention Iccho like every weekend. That was the spot. Yummy Japanese Izakaya food open late. Good memories during high and early college years.

Drinking umeshu!~~~~~
with my bro

Thanks for reading. Next post will be hangout with Sayuri :)