Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Penpal Haruka

So back in November 2014, a girl in Japan liked my Bath & Body Works Haul on my Instragram. She really wanted soaps but there's no store in Japan. I DMed her asking if she was interested in a goods swap. I sent her Bath & Body Works hand soap and she'll send me Japanese makeup. Our spending limit was $20USD. I bought her 2 hand soaps and 5 mini hand sanitizers along with some Christmas chocolate from Ghiradelli. I included a hand written letter introducing myself. I noticed she liked stickers so I added some of those in the package too. She posted two photos on her Instagram pic 1 and pic 2.

Here's her package she sent me!

3x Pure Smiles Facial Masks
Canmake Lip Gloss
Canmake Nail Polish
Canmake Eyeshadow. I already did a review of this product here.
along with a hand written letter introducing herself and she even included cute pictures of her family Awwwwww ^__^//

My penpal's name is Haruka. She's 27, married with a cute baby boy! ^_^/