Tuesday, February 19, 2013

V-Day + Long Weekend

Hey everyone! I haven't made a real post since January. I know I say this in every post but I'm really behind on posts. I need to get my shit together and get organized. Not sure if it's due to my busy schedule or I'm just lazy. I need to get back into blogging mode. I'm thinking about setting a blogging schedule. Maybe post at least once a week.

V-Day Look
I decided to wear my short, blonde wig. It seemed to match well with my Liz Lisa outfit. I wish my dorm had a full length mirror so I could show it off. I woke up at 6:30am, sleepy with dark undereye bags. I'm not smiling in these photos cause it makes my face appear smaller. It looks better to have a thinner face with a bob hairstyle than my round face. (T^T)

First photo: I applied foundation and concealer on face and brown shadow for eyebrows. I look super weird without eyeliner.

Second photo: Applied the rest of my make-up on. I turned on my super bright desk lamp. Hoping it would act like a ring light.

Third photo: This was taken with my smartphone. I can't edit out my dark circles with it so here you see my dark circles with a soft filter.

The big V-Day!
So Valentine's Day was this past Thursday. I didn't get to spend time with my boyfriend due to our busy schedules. I get out of class at 7:15pm and he's working in Irvine. We knew like a month in advance that we wouldn't be spending v-day together. Plus we've been together for 6 years already so missing one vday isn't going to hurt us.

Anyways, I spent v-day night with my college friends. We had a chocolate party at my dorm! I bought all the supplies from various places: Costco, Micheals, Mitsuwa, Daiso, and CVS.


Belated V-Day
After my friday class was done, I packed up my bags from the dorm, went home to unload, then packed up more clothes for my long 5 day weekend getaway to my bf's place in Irvine. He only stays in Irvine during the weekdays for work then comes back to Torrance to see me/his family on the weekends. This time I wanted to pay him a visit since I have no school monday and tuesday. I arrived at his place pretty late. I gave him the chocolate dipped goodies that I made the previous night. My boyfriend gave me brownies and Evangelion toys. Loved it!

Long Weekend
I'm so happy I got a 5 day weekend. I finally caught up on sleep. Everyday I slept for 10hours. It felt amazing! My boyfriend took me out every night. We checked out South Coast Plaza, Irvine Spectrum, Diamond Plaza. The usual fun stuff in Irvine. Hope I can upload the photos.

GOOD NEWS! My lost USB was found. Nice IT guy found it and returned it to me. Now I can blog about old events lol.