Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling In

This is my last year at Marymount California University (MCU). It's already been 3 weeks and I'm already feeling the pressure. So many digital projects and learning new software. Ugh.. I pretty much HATE the classes I'm taking. I just feel overwhelm the most with the senior capstone. I feel like I'm doing more work than my classmates but that could just be me cause they don't appear to be stressed out about their capstone. Everyday I'm working out to vent my anger/stress. Might as well since I have a long gap between classes.

Here's my schedule for Fall 2013

Digital Video Motion Graphics: We are learning to use Adobe After Effects (AE). It's a pretty complicated program to use and the teacher goes way to fast. Some students ask him to slow down or ask for help but he keeps moving forward. He's a new teacher for the school so I get how he needs to get his shit done to meet a quota or something but there's only 15 students in the class so why not take 5 minutes to explain it again. Projects due every week. FML.

Digital Video Editing 1: We are learning to use Adobe Avid Premiere (PR). Another complicated program but teacher is really good at explaining and gives us handouts. If a student is lost, she'll get up from her seat and walk towards them to help them out.

Digital 3D Animation: OMG I'm still questioning myself why I'm taking this class. Obviously this class is for animation majors. We have to do tons of drawing, storyboards etc. I hate it, not my kind of thing. This was the best thing to take within my schedule it was either this or broadcasting for film majors. The classes for web design this semester was cut so I'm shit out of luck.

History of Multimedia: Taught by the same teacher for film editing. I also had her last semester for History of Graphic Design. It's a long class with tedious text like any other history class. We only have two huge papers and a group presentation to do.

Arts and Media Senior Seminar: This is a year long class that every senior needs to take in order to graduate. Last year I designed a Japanese food website for Junior capstone. So this year I wanted to design an online webstore. Of course the teacher was like you need more work so she said it has to be fully functional website by December. Umm WHAT?? She told me to get a business permit, my logos patented, PayPal seller account. This is not the job of a web designer. I might as well be a business major and become the goddamn CEO instead of a web designer. This bitch is asking too much. I just wanna pull out my hair and scream my lungs out.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to post my dorms pictures sooner but yeah... school got in the way.

Move In Day at Upper Division dorms

My roommates Chelsea and Yvette. We are living in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. I share a room with Chelsea. We were supposed to have 4 girls but the other girl couldn't afford the dorm anymore so lucky Yvette gets her bathroom to herself.