Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ramen Burger West Coast Debut

So a couple weeks ago there was a Ramen Burger event in Torrance. Keizo Shimamoto invented the Ramen Burger in Brooklyn, New York. He wanted to have a west coast debut but the problem was it was only to be served to the first 500 people. I saw tons of people even the local news posting the event on Facebook. You know for damn sure more than 500 people will show up and of course they did. News articles said over 1200 people showed up. People were waiting outside since 7am (event started at 11am). Sho and I arrived around 10:00am. Kevin came around 11 am and his friends came around 11:30am. We tried to keep ourselves busy so some of us took turns checking the bookstore and buying drinks in the market. We finally got inside the doors around 3:30pm. Here's the pics.

The verdict:
It was good maybe because we were starving. The patty was thinner than how they advertised in the photos and there was no cheese. We felt like something was missing. Maybe if they added chashu or kamaboko or maybe japanese mayo? It would've been a lot better. Since the hamburger was small we ended up ordering ramen from Santouka. The people behind us for ramen burger were also in line for Santouka too. Will I eat it again? Of course but I wouldn't wait 5hrs for it. Not worth it.