Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 weeks MIA

So I haven't been blogging for a month. Wanna know what happened? Ankle injury.

How it all happened...
Monday September 17
I got out of my 10:30pm History of Multimedia class. Drove to the dorms by 10:45pm. I unloaded luggage and towels on the 4th floor (no elevator). Told my roommates to keep the door open cause I had to get my laptop. As I was walking down the dark, steep hill, I missed the step connecting the sidewalk to driveway. My ankle twisted inward and I felt my whole body weight landed on my right ankle. I fell forward and started rolling downhill. What stopped me was the other sidewalk. I called my dormmates to come get me. Security came out and carried me to front desk. I called my parents and texted bf. My roommates stayed with me until my parents came to pick me up. My parents took me to Torrance Memorial. I got x-rayed right away. I got my ankle, knee, and elbow x-rayed. They thought I hit my head too so they were following procedure asking what my name, where I live, where I am now etc. I answered then I waited in ER. It was packed. They finally called my name at 3am. I slept on the bed until the doc came in a 4am. He said I didn't break or fracture anything. Most likely I severely sprained it with some torn ligaments. They gave me some norco for the pain and put me in an ankle brace along with crutches. I left the hospital at 5am. Got home at 6am. Emailed my advisor and teachers  about my accident and I would be out for a week.

Pictures below are of my injured ankle. Skip this if you don't want to see it.

Week 1
Took a picture while waiting in emergency room. Look at the size of my ankle!! It swelled up to the size of a golf ball. They gave me a size small walking brace but it was still too big for my 22.5cm foot.

Week 2
Ankle and foot swollen. Yellow and purple bruising. I saw a foot specialist. He put me in a XS foot brace which felt more secure. It even had a air nike type button to push to fill in the gaps with air.

Week 3
Ankle brace off. Slight swelling. Minimal bruising. Physical Therapist put on bandages so I can walk better on stairs.