Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liz Lisa 14th Anniversary Watch

So sunday, I picked up my bf and his father from the airport. They were in Tokyo for a week attending a funeral. I would've gone if it weren't for school. During the past week, he sent me emails everyday saying Japan wasn't the same without me and he missed me very much *aww* ^u^ He came back bearing gifts. My boyfriend went to Shibuya 109 and saw Liz Lisa was having their 14th anniversary sale. He bought me the exclusive watch. He thought I needed one since I'm always asking what the time was. Good choice.

Here's the official pic from Liz Lisa's blog.

The box is so pretty. Love the design of the cake and 14th anniversary.

I'm just in love with this watch *u*//

The round watch face is lined with beautiful rhinestones. It such cute heart-shape charms inside and outside. What's so sweet is the watchband is shaped like a ribbon ^_^