Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm having surgery tomorrow, again!!!

I blame stress and my weak immune that caused me to have this. Tomorrow the doctor is putting me under to remove a skin abscess on my butt, ewww.

June 3: Woke up with what it appears to be a bug bite on right buttcheek

June 6: Got worse and bigger. Went to urgent care up the street in Rancho Palos Verdes at 9 am. Doc gave me anti-biotics. Took pills at 12pm. Hung out with Sayuri 3pm-ish. Starting getting chills and fever at 6pm. Sayuri drove me home 10pm. Took antibiotics again at 11pm. 

June 7: 5am Woke up with fever and chills again. Went to urgent care again to get a new prescription of anti-biotics. Turns out I was allergic to it. On-call Doc said come back monday for removal of abscess.
June 8: Feeling dead. Stayed in bed all day.

June 9: Minor surgery day. On-call doc shot me up with lidocaine but still felt the pain. A second shot was administered but still felt the whole surgery. Doc lanced the area, squeezed out blood & pus. Left the wound open with gauze in it so the bacteria can drained out during the week. 

June 10: Met with a specialist doctor. The doc took the gauze out. Another painful experience.

June 11-16: Healing, resting, and eating home cooked Japanese food that parents made me instead of my usual eating out with friends or bf. I lost 7lbs already!

June 17: Met with specialist doc. Doc said I should've done with procedure with him cause urgent care doctors don't know what they are doing. Scheduled to have local surgery done tomorrow at 4:30pm at Torrance Memorial. I'll be put to sleep while doc can get everything out without having me kicking and screaming lol

Doctors orders... No food for today!
At 8pm: Must drink 8.3 oz of Miralax with 32 oz Gatorade
At 9pm: Must take 4 pills of Ducolax
Rushing to bathroom every 5mins
12am no more liquids

June 18: Surgery 4:30pm. I have to arrive at 2:30pm to register and sign papers.



Just keeping you guys updated. This sucks.