Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Liz Lisa Haul part 1

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while since I last bought Liz Lisa! I say part 1 because I'll be posting another haul next week.  Part of the second haul is my first giveaway for my lovely followers. So stay tune next week for my first giveaway. It's going to be awesome.

I bought a few items as a gift to myself for graduating from university and props to me for finishing my 48pg thesis O_O. I'm not the best at writing so completing it was quite difficult within a 5 day time frame.

Order History
May 23: Ordered items on Liz Lisa Rakuten's site
May 26: Tenso received my package
May 27: Only paid 1,180yen for shipping (had a 3,000yen off coupon)
May 28: Tenso shipped out package
May 31: Missed the delivery. No one was home to sign.
June 2: Picked up package from post office

Let's get to the haul!
Forgot to take pics of the tags during the daytime so the pics are slightly different 

Faux Fur Backpack

Floral Organdy Skirt

Champouf Smart Phone Case (pink & white)

using iphone 5s (pink champouf)

using android mytouch (white champouf)

Champouf Pouch (pink)

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Omgg the little sheep is too cute I want it sooo bad ♪(´ε` )too 可愛い~~ and the skirt is such good pic !! I love the soft colors XD !! Liz Lisa is the cutest ever !! Those are all great picks ��✨

  2. Ahh I want this backpack too, it's pretty cheap now, but I don't want to pay a lot for shipping T3T Nice haul!


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