Monday, June 23, 2014

[Review] Ayumi Hamasaki - A eyelash Natural Days No. 1 (top & bottom)

*Surgery Update: Surgery was a success. I now know what I had… skin infection! Specialist Doctor said I had an infected cyst inside my right buttcheek, ew.. which was the cause of the skin abscess. It was pretty deep within the muscles. Thats why the first surgery in the urgent care office didn't work because the doctor there thought it was a boil on the surface. Specialist Doctor said there was no other way to cure it without having surgery to remove it. So just how did I get it? Well, doctor said blame genetics. I blame my dad. It seems like I get all the bad crap from his side of the family.

*Giveaway Update: Now that the cyst is out from my body, I can finally sit down and start working on taking/editing photos! I just have to rest a couple more days for the surgery hole to close so I can go out to buy giveaway items. Don't get mad at me for prolonging this giveaway. I'm not doing this on purpose. If you had two surgeries on your ass in a month, a giveaway is the least of your worries.

SOOO yeah…this whole month of June has been depressing as hell. Had an infection cyst in my right buttcheek, couldn't sit down, and stayed at home all month. Only time I went out was to urgent care, hospital and doctors office. On the bright side, I now lost about 10lbs eating home cooked Japanese food and resting 13hrs. But with Anime Expo around the corner, it's not enough. I wanted to go to the gym everyday and get my body toned. Ugh. I guess I'll be the chubby staff girl.

The day after surgery, I got the motivation to start blogging and applying makeup again. I plan on doing more reviews and tutorials next month and yes, post old/fogotten posts from last year (T^T)

Ayumi Hamasaki released her own production of eyelashes in late September 2011.
12 different designs with 3 pairs of eyelashes
3 series: Natural Days, Gorgeous Days, and Royal Days

If you don't know me, I'm OBSESSED with her. I've been a dedicated and I mean serious fan of hers since 1999! My friends call me Ayutaku (Ayumi Hamasaki + Otaku) cause of my tendencies to collect her memorabilia. As an Ayu collector, I bought two sets. One to display and one to use. Yes. I'm that crazy so I have 24 lashes of Ayu in total.

Today, I'm finally opening the box and will be reviewing Ayumi Hamasaki's A eyelash Natural Days series eyelashes No. 1 top and No. 1 bottom eyelashes


Product Info
Brand: Ayumi Hamasaki
Name: A eyelash No. 1 (top eyelashes)
Series Style: Natural Days
Content: 3 pairs
Price: 1480円

The package design has her iconic A logo in a heart with a crown on top. Perfect look for the Queen of J-pop. The package itself is quite larger and longer compared to Dolly Wink or Diamond Lashes. The back has a plastic backing protruding outward so the eyelashes can stand on its own. Good for collectors display but bad for other people who just want eyelashes cause it's awkward to store away.

Design & Eyelash band
The lashes are shorter from inside the corner, longer in the middle and back to short again towards the end. They alternate from thick to thin every 5 lashes or so. For some reason the middle ones look a little different. The eyelash band is clear, flexible, and very easy to work with.

Product Info
Brand: Ayumi Hamasaki
Name: A eyelash No. 1 (bottom eyelashes)
Series Style: Natural Days
Content: 3 pairs
Price: 1480円

The Natural Days series designs are all the same. Same pose, same look! Kinda boring in a way. If you look VERY close, her eyelashes are photoshopped in. Ugh. Ayu is known for constantly changing her looks and a fashion icon yet in her eyelashes series she couldn't wear different wigs or looks? *sigh* Most likely, she was busy working on her album or magazine shoots.

Design & Eyelash Band
The eyelashes are spread apart. Easy to cut if you don't want to use the whole band. The one thing I don't like is that one solo lash. All her eyelash bands are clear so easy to work with.

Before & After

Volume & Length


- Ayumi Hamasaki
- Clear eyelash band

- Packaging is boring. I want a variety of Ayu looks! Not the same pic with different PS eyelashes
- Discontinued / Limited Time
- Doesn't come with glue (especially for the price you are paying)

Overall: 3/3 for both lashes
I love the top lashes! To me they look pretty natural, for other it may look dramatic. As for the bottom ones, I like them but that one solo lash haha.