Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Review] Daiso Eyelash W404 + Taiwan Eyelash #168

I was going to do separate eyelash review posts but decided to have a combined review since I'm wearing both of them.

Product Info 

Brand: Daiso
Name: Natural Eyelash (top)
Series Style: W404
Pair: 1 pair
Price: $1.50 USD

"Make your eyes sharp and lady"
This is the best packaging of Daiso Eyelashes. So pretty and girly. Can't even tell this is from Daiso.

Design & Eyelash Band
Clear band is a plus! The lashes are pretty thick so your eyes can have more volume! They are a bit hard to apply since it's so thick. Use extra glue when applying.

Volume & Length
WOW. Check out the difference between before and after pictures. Love extra volume and length.

Up close they look dramatic but from normal view, it looks pretty natural on me.

Overall 3/3
These are the best eyelashes from Daiso. Highly recommend this series. The price is great, eyelash design is great. The only problem I have with them is that by the end of the day, the lashes feel a bit heavy on my eyes. I went back to Daiso in Torrance to buy more but they were all sold out of this series :( There is limited quantity in Irvine. I hope they restock these!

- cheap jp eyelashes

- eyelash feels heavy

Taiwan Eyelashes from Ebay see my post here

Product Info 
Name: Taiwan Specialized Made By Hand Entirely
Series No.: #168
Pair: 10 pair
Price: $2.43 USD with free shipping
Ebay  link

The cover (not pictured) has a cute, clear heart-shaped cover big enough to see the eyelashes.

Design & Eyelash Band
Clear band with alternating lashes and 4 thick lashes toward the end.

Overall: 3/3
These lashes have a good balance of dramatic and natural look. If the lashes are too long, just cut to your preference   I've seen girls use just the thick ends as their bottom lash but thats a waste to me. I don't have bottom lashes so I need all the lashes I can. It really makes my eyes bigger.

- clear band
- cheap for 10 pairs!
- free shipping from Hong Kong

- have to cut ends
- 2 week delivery time

Excuse my chubby cheeks. I'm working on my weight lol I really let myself go in university. I'm trying to go back to my high school weight 90lbs ;_;

I really like how the photos turned out with the sun behind me. I should do this more often

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  1. Omg I love it !! Those Taiwanese lashes !! ^_^ I have tried some before ~ you look super cute with it ❤️✨

    1. Thank you Karen!! You are so cute & sweet! Give me your cuteness *___* Let's hang out soon!

      <3 Sachiko

    2. Hehe aww thank you so much Sachi ~~ ♪(´ε` ) you are superrrr 可愛い as well hehe ~~ and yesss we have to hang out soon !! We have to dress up super kawaii together XD ✨�� I miss ya already ~~

  2. For some reason IntenseDebate is not working and I don't know what happened to the other comments on here so I'll repost them here based on email notifications...

    Emiiichan commented on
    I wish I could wear all kinds of lashes, but my eyelids/eye shape won't let me. I bought a bunch of daiso lashes a couple years ago, but the bands were all wayyy too thick for me to use. Same with a lot of the boxed lashes from China :|
    I even had some issues with Diamond Lash wtf.

    My reply to Emiiichan
    Try using half of the eyelashes for your outer corners. The full band might be too much.

    BELIEVE me I had your problem before. I wanted double eyelids like Ayumi Hamasaki. Eyelid glue or tape didn't work for my fat, stubborn eyelids. Eyelashes never stayed on properly, had to use cheap drug store eyelashes cause there wasn't cute eyelashes like Dolly Wink at the time. For pictures, I had to open my eyes really wide so in my old pictures I kinda look surprised all the time lol So in 2009 I got reconstructive surgery to get double eyelids. It wasn't considered cosmetic because I was starting to have a droopy eyelid and it was blurring my vision. It was upper eyelid surgery to correct the problem but in the process also became double eyelid. The healing process took longer. Cosmetic eyelids heal between 2 weeks to a month if you wanted the "natural" look. And even if you go the natural route, you might end up losing the double eyelid over time (heard from friends experiences). My recovery time was about 1 year (2months with stitches & 10 months without) because of the high incision to have Ayu's eyes. In photos now, my left eye kinda droops but not as bad.

    If you look back on my on my blog archive to anything before 2009.. you can see the eye difference. I look like a completely different person that and I was 30lbs lighter with black hair lol
    i guess here's a good example

    1. I've definitely been considering surgery for awhile now but there isn't someone well known here that I know I want to go to (& am not currently at a point yet where I'd want to travel to get it done). I got a few recommendations from my eye doctor but he said they'd all be very expensive although he's heard good things about the results. Even then, I've been reluctant to go for consultations and stuff and I'm not sure why.
      Wow! Yes there's definitely a difference! Can I just say that I absolutely love your eyes now? They were pretty before as well but I just love how you do your eye make up and everything now. They're so gorgeous and I'm way jealous. People with nice double eyelids naturally don't know how great they have it! There's nothing inherently wrong with singles ofc, but if you want to achieve a certain look they can definitely be a hindrance.