Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Liz Lisa Haul part 2

FINALLY part 2 of my Liz Lisa haul. If you missed out on part 1 haul check my post (here). I bought the items the same day as haul 1. I just did separate posts cause some items from giveaway are featured in here and didn't want to post items before I announced my first giveaway (here).

Order History
May 23: Ordered items on Liz Lisa Tokyo Kawaii Life
May 26: Tenso received my package
May 27: Only paid 9,780yen for shipping
May 28: Tenso shipped out package
May 31: Missed the delivery. No one was home to sign.
June 2: Picked up package from post office

I didn't put watermarks on my pics cause I got too tired. Please don't steal!

Liz Lisa Knit

Liz Lisa Flower Lace Up Skirt

Tralala Flower Lace Skirt

Liz Lisa Floral Choker (grey & orange)

Liz Lisa Leather Frill Bag


Liz Lisa Mag

Liz Lisa pink bag (1ST PLACE in my giveaway)

Liz Lisa Qulited Floral Makeup Pouch & Mirror

Liz Lisa Quilted Makeup Pouch & Mirror set (1ST PLACE in my giveaway)

Thank you!

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  1. Omg I love that mirror so much ! I have always wanna buy one ^_^ and the laced up skirt is so super cute ! Love your hauls ✨�� 頑張って♪(´ε` ) looking forward to any updates ~~

  2. The firss one, liz lisa knit is my fav. Really cute :)