Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015 + New Years Resolutions

I posted this already on my instagram (sachi_life)

Before I talk about the New Year I'm gonna sum up my 2014

♥ 2014 Liz Lisa Fukubukuro lol
♥ Wrote a 50pg thesis for senior capstone. (Never want to see WORD.doc ever)
♥ Hosted an art gallery exhibit featuring my work
♥ Graduated from Marymount California University (3.8 GPA, B.A. in Media Studies, member of Delta Epsilon Sigma Honors Society.
♥ Got iPhone 5s as graduation present
♥ Anime Expo 2014 - Worked at the Swankiss booth and hung out with Saaya Hayashida. Meet some new lovely girls. Had an eye infection throughout the convention not fun lol 
♥ Perfume concert waited 6 hours to get a good view in the front. Kashiyuka is so beautiful
♥ My best friend Sayuri moved up north to SF :/
♥ Halloween party at Nickelodeon Studies in Burbank
♥ Christmas presents from penpal Haruka and Beth!
♥ Ordering 2015 Liz Lisa Fukubukuro
♥ My sister is still a crazy bitch

I think there are a couple more significant events but can't remember. I'll add later if I remember.

So yeah hello 2015!

New Years Resolutions

1) Get a full-time that pertains to my major. I'm really desperate for a job I'll take any part-time jobs in between lol

2) Go back to Japan cause I really miss it!

3) Lose 10lbs lol

4) Blog more

5) Buy DSLR

6) Learn to cook

7) Make a youtube channel

8) Move out of house. Can't stand my crazy older sister.

9) Buy more Ayu & Liz Lisa merchandise

10) Gyaru life

newly added*
11) Read a book. Haven't read a non-textbook in a long time. Maybe my writing will improve cause it's shit now.

12) Clear out closet and keep my room organized and clean