Thursday, May 28, 2015

Japan Trip 2015: Day 0

I just came back from my trip to Japan! I was gone May 19-26. I wanted this post up before I left but my cold wouldn't allow it lol This post is nothing really special just basically what I packed, ANA airplane, and a couple pictures arriving.

Here's what I posted on my Instagram account as I was on the road to the airport.     

I brought two luggages for this trip. One empty one and the other filled with clothes and necessity items. This is the most clothes I packed for Japan. I usually just bring pjs and buy clothes there but since I didn't have a job prior to this trip, I had to make do with what I had. The weather app said Tokyo was going to be in the high 70-85 during the day and 60-70 during the night. I put some thought into clothes that would be appropriate for those temperatures. I also put some thought into the color palette so I could easily wash clothes at Sho's grandparents place.

Liz Lisa bag, Paul & Joe makeup pouch, Cecil McBee wallet (2007 trip), Koji Takako eyelashes, Melliesh eyelashes, Tokidoki pouch from Beth, pasmo (smart card), random yen coins, 1000yen leftover from previous trip and $1,309USD for this trip.

Necessity items: Clorox wipes, sanitary napkins (period was supposed to come this week), underwear, beige stockings, shower cap, hair ties, toothbrush, razor, deodorant, daily contact lens, brush and hair straightener. Inside the Liz Lisa bag, I had random accessories in there (forgot to take photo).

ANA Airline
In case anyone is wondering, the plane ticket was $761 round trip. Pretty good deal considering ANA high prices.

Rice crackers and green tea for snack

Soba for dinner. I was impressed with how delicious this airplane meal was.

Ice cream for dessert. Yum!

Pineapple pancakes for breakfast. Another yummy meal!

We arrived safely. I didn't get much sleep on the plane cause I was coughing constantly >_<

Beautiful scenery of the rice fields in Narita.

I stayed for one week in Abiko, Chiba. Chiba is a large suburb of Tokyo and Abiko is city in Chiba Prefecture. It takes 40mins-1hr (2hrs during rush hour) to get to Tokyo from Abiko on the subway. The last time I stayed in Abiko was back in 2008? I wished I took more pictures of the neighborhood. It felt like home. Very quite and filled with locals. I didn't see any tourists here.

After we unpacked our things, we headed straight to ESPA Supermarket which was a 5 min walk. I was dying to go to this place. It's like a Japanese Target lol I REALLY wished I took pictures of ESPA but I always thought I'll take pictures next time...

Sailor Moon GashaPon! I didn't exchange my US money yet so I used my left over 100 yen coins from previous trip.

I'm a sucker for school uniforms. I remember wearing U.S. navy blue uniforms but they weren't as cute as JP uniforms. I have 5 at home and still want more.

Ordered Lotteria for takeout lol

After ofuro (japanese bath), we knocked out.

Not an interesting post today... Day 1 I headed to Liz Lisa. Stay tuned!