Friday, May 29, 2015

Japan Trip 2015: Day 1 Part 1 Family Mart Konbini & Akihabara

I was gonna make this one big post but pics from Akihabara alone is 20+ pics. I didn't want this too pic heavy than it already is so I'm splitting this into part 1 Akihabara. Part 2 will follow with Liz Lisa Harajuku buys.

The next day, woke up still feeling like crap. This is probably the only decent photo of me. I didn't want to take photos of myself the rest of the week. Just feeling dead.

Sho's grandparents house has a nice garden and these flowers will produce tangerines.

Walked over to Family Mart in Abiko to check out cool stuff. I love konbini's! Everyday we went to different convenient stores causes they offered various items. I think the one in Abiko had the best stuff.

Yokai Watch donuts *_*

Gudetama was everywhere super popular.

I was too afraid to try this lol

2D heaven *nosebleed*

Andy Warhol ice cream? Interesting.

Sho bought this item. It's a Hatsune Miku yogurt and it came with a glass cup.

Bought this Coca Cola Life bottle, Puccho x Disney collab, and masks.

Took the subway to Akihabara to pick up our pocket wifi. It was a 5-7min walk from the train station.
Japan WiFi Rental Service. They said battery life would be 3-4 hrs. For me and Sho, it lasted 7hrs. More info:

(screenshot from their website)
We had the no.1 popular one GL06P

People selling their anime toys in the cubes.

Asuka love.

K-On super cute!

Didn't know Adventure Time was popular in Japan.

Sho won me Hello Kitty plushie!

Now thats my kind of Gundam. Kira kira *__*

The best gashapon store in Akihabara. It has weird and quirky stuff. I should got cat ones but my focus was Sailor Moon ones.

I spent 5000yen on Sailor Moon capsules. OMG X__X
This one right here was 500 each! I kept on getting dups >_<

Also spent money on Sailor Moon clear files for 200yen.
(Using the same image from yesterday)

Checked out Big Camera
I bought the Cardcaptor Sakura S.H. figuarts and Sailor Moon Rod Proplica.

More Sailor Moon goods to temp me but I already spent a lot on stupid dups haha X_X

Checked out the Akihabara station department store. Had wonderful goodies and sweets.


Relaxed at Mister Donut. Sho and I wanted to chill at the Good Smile Cafe like we did back in 2012 but apparently it moved to Ikebukuro ;_:

Part 2 is Harajuku Liz Lisa. Please stay tuned