Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magical Cosmetics Outfit

This was the only decent picture of me from Anime Expo. LOL. I don't think I look good as a blonde or tan-haired girl but the wig looks great with the outfit. I only got to wear this look for a few hours then I had to start my shift at the Maid Cafe. People complimented on my outfit and took pictures. Yay. I had fun wearing this even if it were only a few hours.


  1. This is so cute! *.*
    I think you look great, even with this hair style!
    How was Anime Expo?

  2. You look super adorable!! Aww you're so lucky to go to Anime Expo!! I hope I can go next year!!!

  3. Ruy-hime: Thanks. I think the color just takes time getting used to. Anime Expo was fun! I wish I had more time to look around and enjoy the con.

    Katie: Thanks! Hehe :) Come to Anime Expo next year. I know I'll be there again working.