Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sanrio at Yogurtland

Starting today July 21st. Sanrio collaborated with Yogurtland. I went to the store around 8pm and boy was that place packed. That place is normally packed but now all the crazy sanrio freaks like me are there. I wanna collect the different character spoons. I wanted Hello Kitty but they were sold out so I got Chococat instead.


  1. Is this an exclusive collaboration for certain stores or nationwide? My sisters are going to be so happy if YogurtLands around here will be decked out in Sanrio too! Sorry Honey Berry, Yogurt Land is WAYYY better anyway :P

  2. Well, they say it's going to be in 130 locations. Since you live in cali I'm sure they have it near you. You can always call to make sure. Your sisters will love it. The yogurtland near me decked the place out and the sanrio characters have their own favorite flavor. =p