Friday, September 9, 2011

Nails + Gaja

My best friend, Sarah, got her nails done Japanese 3D style. BLING BLING for sure. She hasn't had her nails done for a while so it was a nice luxury. She's a hard worker so she deserves it. I'm guessing her theme was Kuromi x Guns. Why guns? She was going to Vegas for the weekend to attend the gun show. I think it matches. Kuromi is a little devious one. I really digging that big gem. I'll get that on my nails next time ^^  

Gaja is known for their okonomiyaki but their dessert menu is amazing. I'm in love with their parfaits. My goal is to taste all their parfaits.

Calpico Parfait (カルピコパフェ)

Green Tea Mochi Ice w/sweet bean (抹茶もちアイスあんみつ)


  1. Your friend's nails are amazing! I freaking love black nails, they're super sexy yet cute at the same time. I've never seen gun deco on nails before either, I love that *___*

    Sachiko, do you still get your nails done?? I haven't seen any recent posts on Poupee Girl!!! :O

    Uwaaaa the parfaits look so incredibly yummy! I've never tried one before, and now I'm craving one!

  2. Someday when I come to California, let's eat parfaits together! :D

  3. Those nails are amazing! I love the little gun <3

  4. Those nails are stunning! I want to get mine done like this!

    And that parfait looks so delicous~ *----------*