Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Nails + Gyaru Makeover

So on saturday, I went to the grand opening of the store Shibuya LA (more info will be on my next entry). Before the party, I bought a pair of pre-made nails for $40 from one of the store's nearby. The box was from Yukiumi. At first the nails looked great but after a gluing a couple nails onto my fingers some of the gems were falling off. After intense gluing I was set for the night.

That was saturday and now for the verdict...
HATE IT with a passion!!

It's wednesday and I can't stand these nails. Every couple of hours doing daily tasks the entire nail comes off and I must glue again. I already used up all the nail glue because I kept on having to either glue back on the accessories or glue the nail itself. Complete hassle to deal with. Ugh.

From buying pre-made nails, I save $20 compared to the price my nail artist charges. I honestly rather pay $60 for good quality nails that actually lasts longer than a month than having cheap pre-made nails that could barely last a day.

Can you believe this is me? I got a gyaru make-over.


  1. OMG Sachiko!!! You look ADORABLE!!! You look SO different... I love your makeover :D I just want to squeeze you <3 I love your lighter hair color too, it looks so pretty. That reallyyy sucks about the nails though!! What a waste D:And they're Yukiumi nails?? Omg :OOO

  2. You look sooo cute <3 really great makeover :D
    and i loove the nails but it's a shame that you have so many problems with them :/

  3. You look so beautiful!!
    It's such a shame about the nails too which is why I never buy pre-made ones and just do my acrylics/gels~