Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shibuya LA Grand Opening

September 17th (saturday) went to the grand store opening of Shibuya LA with my friend Maki. Shibuya LA is a store that brings popular trends from Shibuya, Japan to gals in LA. This was the owner's second store featuring lingerie from Japan. The grand opening offered snacks, drinks, and live dj.

We arrived early so we could get a gyaru make-over by Michi. I was shocked by how different I looked. I couldn't believe the girl I was looking in the mirror was me. LOL. I honestly loved it! Afterwards, we did a meet & greet of the gyaru's that arrived early. At night, it was crazy crowded. I had to stand outside a couple times because of the body heat. After the party, ate dinner at Jazz Cat with the new friends I made.

Me & Maki showing off our gyaru makeover

Me wearing my Liz Lisa dress

Be prepared for lots of photos....

I wish the night didn't end because I meet some great people. It's so nice meeting people that have the same interests in Japanese fashion. I hope to see them again soon!

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  1. Man, that looks like SO much fun!! I would absolutely die if they brought such a cute lingerie shop here! I don't even like shopping at Victoria Secret! Pricey and most of the time, not very cute. XD Yay yay more pictures! I can't get over how CUTE you look with this makeup style!! You pull it off SOOOO well, Sachiko! I hope you get to meet up with these gals again soon, I see some crazy and adorable adventures in photos ;DD