Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anap Knit Top

I went to West LA just to hang out with some friends. I stopped by the ANAP store for a quick browse. I stumbled upon this top that caught my eye. I was very tempted to buy it right on the spot but I had to hold back cause my friends wanted to eat. During dinner I kept on thinking about this top.. Not sure why but I just had to go back. I kept on pacing back and forth thinking if I should buy it. I remembered seeing knitted tops in several jp magazines so assuming it was the trend for fall. I ended up purchasing it.

The top. Trying to figure out what type of top this is. By research, I think this is called Dolman Knit Top. I could be wrong. Anyways, the top is a neutral brown and the sleeves are elbow length. The threading is so fine. I gotta be careful with wearing this top since it could snag on just about anything.
Price: $24.99 excluding tax.