Tuesday, November 29, 2011

H&M Coat

I'm running on two hours of sleep so bear with me with this entry....

I bought this coat and a couple other items from H&M on Black Friday (11/25). I was the last person in waiting for the store to open at midnight. Everyone rushed in to the back of the store but they didn't really notice that all the good deals were in the front. LOL.

H&M offered a ton of different color/material turtle necks and sweatshirts for $15. Some shirts and blouses went for $5-10. I managed to snatch this coat off the rack before it got sold out. I noticed some people eyeing this coat so I kept it close, afraid thinking they were gonna snatch it. Some people are crazy over black friday.

Price: $20


  1. Oh man, I REALLY wanted to go to H&M on Black Friday because I've never been there before (N00B I know haha) but the crowds scare the crap out of me... and it's located at Santana Row shopping district next to Best Buy and across the street from the mall, so that obviously wasn't happening. XDD I really wish they had an online store! :( The jacket is sooooo cute and looks super warm! I'm glad you were able to snag it without getting trampled ^^;

    And I can relate. I stayed at home on Black Friday, but only slept for 1 hour. XD Awful, I got about 7-8 hours worth of sleep over the span of 2 days LOL!

  2. That was an awesome steal on that coat!