Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marc Jacobs pouch

I was searching through my archives and I couldn't find this post. I remember taking photos but I guess it never made it onto here. What's weird is that I couldn't located the photos on my computer or my copy of the magazine.

Sweet magazine always has brand name free items (fukuro). January issue came with 2 Marc Jacobs pouches and a Marc Jacobs calendar (not shown).

Jan 2012 issue of SWEET magazine


  1. I love collecting the gifts that come with Japanese magazines. They are usually really useful too~ I have a small VivixRich pouch that is super cute! I use it as my school/work makeup bag.

    I wish they had gifts like that with the magazines in the US! :/

    1. Sometimes I just buy the magazine based on the fukuro item. Liz Lisa items are a plus for me.

      If US did the same Japan, I would definitely buy more :)