Sunday, June 3, 2012


I finally got a smartphone (about time!)  I had an old 2007 Katana phone by Sanyo. I was in desperate need for an upgrade.

I got the mytouch 4g by LG. I also switched phone companies from KDDI to T-mobile. KDDI was going to charge me way too much for a new smartphone. I thought they would give me a better deal since I was with them for 5 years but I guess it doesn't work that way. T-mobile lets me have unlimited text, data and 500 talk minutes for $60 a month. I'm still getting used to using a smartphone. I don't do much right now. I just check my email and post pics on facebook. I'm just so lazy inputting in everyones phone numbers.

Right now I have the standard cellphone cover. I wanna get cute ones soon!


  1. arrrw i envy you ~ i still have my old-creepy-phone ^-^" but anyway can't wait for the "phone-transformation" :'3
    ♥ ♥

  2. Congrats on the smartphone~! I have an iphone and it's very fun to use, but I hardly ever talk to people with it. I just play games most of the time and check email, twitter, etc lol.

    Collecting cute phone cases is so fun! There are a lot of cute and cheap ones on ebay, you just have to search~ I got my Rilakkuma case for $2.50. Since it's summer, I'm using one that looks like a melting pink ice cream bar, haha~ It was only like $4 or something.