Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor Day Weekend: Ayu Concert + Disneyland

I love Tuesdays. No class! I can blog. Events that happened last week.

Saturday 9.01.2012
Attended two concert movie screenings by Ayumi Hamasaki in 3D. The first one was Arena Tour 2009 Next Level and the second was Rock 'n Roll Circus Tour Final 7days Special. I dragged Sho with me. He's like "Don't you already have these DVDs?" I'm like "DUH! but I wanna see in 3D". I think Ayu is planning to have a concert here in the future so these concert screenings might be a test. The screenings were shown at Downtown Independent. From the outside it doesn't look like a movie theatre. The lobby area is super small but theatre part was big. I think there's only 2 movie rooms. Sho obviously slept through the first concert it but was awake for the second one. lol.

Sunday 9.02.2012 
Drove to Disneyland with Kevin and Sho to check out Cars Land in California Adventure. This was the first time we actually stayed at the park for the whole day. Cars Land is so awesome! I love the new food menu *fatty* ^_^

We checked out Cozy Cone Motel. It's a eating area shaped in orange cones based off of the movie. There are 5 cones each one offering different drinks (alcohol &a non-alcohol) and food. Disney stepped it up a notch.

Lunch time @ Story Teller Cafe!

Snack @ ghirardelli

Gangnam Style pose lol