Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year + New Years Resolution

Hello 2014! Where did 2013 go? I felt that it year flew by so fast especially with school keeping me busy. I moved back home from the dorms because my two roommates weren't returning for Spring 2014. They were not only my roommates but my friends. I just didn't want to deal with a new set of roommates for my last year. My parents thought it was a good choice since it would save them $12k

What did I do on new years eve?
I honestly just slept most of the day. In the afternoon, I did osoji (Japanese for cleaning for the new year). Sho came back early from work. He used my laptop my play LOL (League of Legends) while i cleaned. Later on we had dinner, my dad ordered Chinese food since he didn't feel like cooking. Around 10:30pm, I packed my stuff, Sho and I headed back to his parents place. We played some games together and 11:40pm watched the countdown. We then let up sparklers and went to bed.

The following morning, we ate ozoni. I love ozoni. It's the best dish to bring in the new year! ^_^

Sho and I on our date of the new year!

My New Years resolutions
I hope to achieve all or 90% of these resolutions

- lose 10-15 lbs
- walk/jog everyday or every other day
- get a trainer
- reduce soda and cut junk food

- don't procrastinate (HAHA!)
- join a club
- get an internship that relates to my major (the last one was ugh)
- attend beauty school to learn 3d nail art and complete Esthetician
- do a study abroad summer course
- get all A's (again)

- blog/review at least once a week
- have a blog sale
- do throwback & OOTD posts
- get 100 followers
- have a giveaway
- be more active using social media

- improve my graphic designs
- stop bitting nails (been bitting them since I was in elementary school)
- read more books
- do scrapbooking
- volunteer work
- get a part-time job
- launch my online store

- buy an iphone (I hate my android mytouch with a passion)
- buy more products for my webstore

What are your new years resolutions?

Happy New Year to my family, friends, and followers! Let's make it a good year!