Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tralala Backpack + bonus Room Wear Set

[Upcoming news] Sorry I've been MIA. After March 3 post, I had so much work to do. OMG you have no idea how much work I have to do for this damn university. This school is seriously stressing me out. I swear I had a mini breakdown a couple weeks ago. I've seen my classmates break down too so I'm not the only one. Us seniors been working on our individual senior capstones for a semester and a half now. I will announcement my senior capstone this week or next week.

Tralala Backpack

I bought this Tralala backpack on sale way back in November for 1,995円 It's so cute and fluffy!

I thought the backpack felt heavier than usual. At first, I thought they put extra stuffing in it but as I unzipped the backpack... I found extra clothing!! O_O

EXTRA clothing!

Fuwa fuwa room wear!! ^u^//

Fluffy shorts

Overall, the backpack is quite small. Don't expect it to carry your heavy chemistry and mathbooks. It's very cute, fluffy and trendy. Definitely used for fashion purposes. The best part was the bonus room wear items. I even double checked my vent order. I didn't order it nor did they charge me for the room wear set so I'm thinking it's on their part. Maybe they thought it was going to sell so they were giving them away for free!
Happy day!
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