Saturday, June 15, 2013

Liz Lisa & Tralala Haul

I saw that Liz Lisa and Tralala was having a 70-80% sale so with my new jp address from Tenso, I just had to order. I saved so much money!! I'm very pleased with my purchases. I checked back on the prices for this post and they are still on sale just not 70-80% anymore.

Order History
May 30: Purchased multiple items from LizLisa & Tralala through Vent Online member. Used my japanese adress provided by Tenso.
May 31: Email from Vent confirming my order. I set it o be shipped June 3th to the tenso addy.
June 4th: Email from Vent saying they shipped it.
June 5th: Email from Tenso saying they received the package and were getting ready to ship out. I paid $63 for EMS shipping and handling.
June 12th: Received package
June 14th: Mom calls saying I received a package. I was staying at my bf's place in Irvine for a month otherwise I would've have posted this a couple days sooner. Ha!

Tralala Ribbon Top 6195yen → 1858yen

link here

Tralala Dolman Top 6195yen → 1858yen

link here

Tralala Checked Shorts 5145 yen → 1543yen

link n/a sold out!

Tralala Tweed Shorts 5145yen→1543yen 
link n/a

Tralala Fur x Leather Tote Bag 6195yen→1858yen

link here

Leather Headband 1260yen → 378yen

link here

Liz Lisa Stone Cross Necklace 3045yen→ 913yen
link here

Liz Lisa Eyelashes 1260yen → 367yen each
top here and bottom here

purchase receipt

2 x tops
2 x bottoms
1 headband
1 necklace
1 purse

Total 10,685

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you!